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  1. Honda_Power

    what i like most when racing

    What do I like most about dirt bike racing? "Dirt Bike Moms"............ Oooooooooh yeah! You guys know what I'm talking about.
  2. Honda_Power

    First bike for 15yo

    Buy him a 125cc 2 stroke. Teenagers love 'race' bikes so it's best to just get him one right from the get-go, rather then having to start off with a trail bike only for him to get tired of it and wanting to race motocross soon after. Trail/Woods/Enduro bikes are more for 'oldman', MX race bikes are for the younger crowd. Don'tcha know?!
  3. Honda_Power

    2 stroke noob Questions

    People keep saying if you're always lugging the bike you might encounter some foul plug issues...... don't know if that's true or not but, that's what I've heard. With a 250 you should have enough decent torque to ride on trails though, rather then on a 125 where you have to keep the revs up. As far as looking for signs when buying a 2 stroke, I would ask the seller when the bike had a last rebuild, although the buyer could be lying or giving you less hours then the motor is actually on. Look for spooge on the exhaust manifold area and the silencer to see if there's an excess of it........ which could mean bad jetting. Before you buy the bike, also get the seller to "cold-start" the bike to see if it turns over easily. Look up Youtube on buying used dirt bikes, they'll have areas where you might of looked past and forget while there. Make sure to write a list down just in case you forget, although you might look like someone who's anal to the seller, but who cares....... better be safe then sorry.
  4. Honda_Power

    Yz250 jetting

    Dude...... the FMF website has a jetting chart, here it is ; http://www.fmfracing.com/RiderSupport/JettingCenter
  5. What if your friends are a bunch of 'tools'. Will that also work?
  6. My gawd, prices of dirt bike boots are just ridiculous! 300-400 dollars? Think about that for a second people.......$400! For some freakin' shoes? Don't even give me that, 'better then paying the hospital bill' crap either, that doesn't fly with me. If that's the case then I'm gonna 'invent' a string that clips onto a toddler, connecting it to a parent so the kid doesn't go missing and charge it $1,000......because well, it potentially can save a child's life. Seriously. The prices on boots is ridiculous.
  7. I don't know how you single guys riding out in the woods do it. I don't think I'd dare venture out miles into the woods alone, you just never know what's out there or if something should happen to you or your bike in case of an accident. Not only that but............. GHOSTS!!!!!
  8. Honda_Power

    What premix do you guys use?

    Curious. Has anyone ever used regular motor oil either by accident or emergency and mixed it with gasoline for your 2 strokes? And how did that end up?
  9. Honda_Power

    Rear End Explosion Question

    Wow. Can't believe you got the dealer to pay for the damages, not only that........ possible got the new guy who put on your tires fired too. Poor sap probably just wanted a summer job to pay for college in the Fall. I hope you're happy buddy!
  10. Aren't these minibikes pretty powerful, power to weight ratio? I'm thinking about getting one just to ride around the neighborhood for fun...... powered by a Honda GX200 6.5 horsepower and possible internal mods. Wouldn't this thing fly? BTW minibikes always reminds me of that movie Dumb n' Dumber where they traded the dog van for the bike. That thing hauled azz!
  11. Honda_Power

    MX frame Painting

    ^^ That sounds groovy and all, but powder coat can still chip. Not as bad as spray-on paint, but still..... when riding dirt bikes, one tend to crash alot. I'll stick to my Krylon painted frame in gold and rub it in yo face!! BTW, are you a girl?
  12. Ah man........ you should of got a 2 stroke!! But then again you'd probably be typing all this while in a hospital instead.
  13. Honda_Power

    Insurance Company Hypocrisy?!?!?

    Wait....... you Canucks are required to have insurance on dirt bikes? Did not know that.
  14. Honda_Power

    Starting a dirt bike when hot.

    Uhhhhh..... OK. What is the problem, again?
  15. Honda_Power

    For those curious about this brake line

    I HIGHLY doubt 'Tusk' produces their products in-house using blueprints acquired from other companies. That is the thing, they just run to other companies' manufacturing plant with labels in hand and tells them to stick it on there..... that is the extent of their input into the products they sell. But people are hollaring and tootin' this soo called 'company' as if they had a hand in the design and manufacturing process..... thus making Tusk reaping rewards for doing nothing, all the while cashing their checks with a stupid silly grin on their face! I just don't like the fact that Tusk can be considered a 'racing company'.