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  1. LeFrog

    Bizarre sound from engine top

    Sorry to bump this, but I was wondering how intensive it was to do this and what is involved? Thanks! I might have to take it somewhere and orient the guy in the right direction, because he has never done work on a Husky. He said that with the parts and maintenance manual PDFs he could probably figure it out, especially since it is a 2-stroke.
  2. LeFrog

    Husky shop in Phoenix area

    My top end needs to be looked at and I don't have much time on my hands. Thinking I bought this one thinking it would be less worries...
  3. Is there a good shop that knows Huskies in the Phoenix area? Besides Premier, that is...
  4. LeFrog

    Bizarre sound from engine top

    Is this intensive work or not? I may want to try it if it is located in the top end, but I might have to take it to the shop
  5. LeFrog

    Spark plug on my 04

    Ok this is weird. I ordered plugs for my WR 250 and they came with the terminal tip you see on the left side plug on the photo below (standard hollow plug) Except that when I removed the connector, I realized the terminal currently on mine is the ribbed, thin type, like the one on the right (discard the fact the two plugs are not for Huskies, the photo is just to show the terminal tips). Could the previous owner "mod" this out or is it standard? Do you think I can swap terminals?
  6. LeFrog

    Bizarre sound from engine top

    I did take it on the road for a spin and it worked like crap. It does not have all the power it once had and when I release the throttle it makes that weird wah! wah! wah! wah! wah! sound... I guess the top needs to come off.
  7. Yes, they are a bit expensive, I was thinking more around $200, but if I get the promotion I am working on, who knows. I may be able to find some used. After all, kids do grow, and I guess most are barely used.
  8. LeFrog

    Yipee!!! My Wr250 Now Has 6 Gears!!!!!

    So the 360 Huskagivas from 92 on and the 250 from 92 to 99, am I right?
  9. LeFrog

    Yipee!!! My Wr250 Now Has 6 Gears!!!!!

    I think someone will have to post a step-by-step how-to. PLEASE Step 1 I guess is find a 360 parter... and either buy the engine, the bottom end or just the tranny parts. What years would fit? I found this thread (below) and it seems that 1992 360s would fit but how far can we go? http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=616868
  10. LeFrog

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    Same here. Except it's softball. Software engineer to pay the bills.
  11. LeFrog

    Is my jetting right?

    I guess the slide is stock. Sorry about the needle info, but the bike works fine otherwise.
  12. LeFrog

    Bizarre sound from engine top

    Norman, no metal contamination of the plug, which was gray. The gap was a bit too much, close to 1mm, due to the fact that it is I guess a bit worn out. I fixed it to .7mm (per the manual) and have ordered new plugs. I did inspect the intake side, nothing in there, no broken bit of any kind. It now seems to me that the rattle sound comes from the outside and not the inside of the engine. I guess I will remove the pipe and take a look, as well as take the cover out of the right side and inspect there as well.
  13. LeFrog

    Check Your Sprockett Bolts

    That's always what I do when I put a wheel back on (mostly after a tire change). I will make sure I have the same exact number of 6th of turns out from a certain notch on each side. If you are not totally exact by one 6th, you will survive. There is a certain mechanical tolerance at this level, mostly due to the fact that rubber is an amazing material. Then you can always put the bike on a stand, open the throttle and see if the wheel is not aligned right. It will be pulled to the chain side, if anything.
  14. LeFrog

    Is my jetting right?

    2004 WR 250, Arizona, 2000ft and up, ST mostly. 380 main 30 pilot 633 R5 tube I do not know what size needle I have. It looked like a pain to remove and it was 10pm already ... Thanks a bunch!
  15. LeFrog

    Bizarre sound from engine top

    Well, I opened the left side cover and it seems that everything is in order (see below). Nothing is loose. When I put the bike together and started it, it revved high and clear. I did clean my jets and inspect the reeds (see below). The engine just sounds the same, I guess it is fine to ride after all, but that clatter is a bit bizarre. I will take it on the road before my next trail ride (so I can call my wife to pick me up if I break anything) but I think it is fine to ride as it.