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  1. Could you send me a link for a crf250l 2017 stage one cams please have been looking for hours and I cant find shit

    1. Ducky Dog

      Ducky Dog

      Dan Crower racing in temecula


      Type Dan Crower in the search box

  2. I was considering putting my stock levers back on but I guess these work good enough
  3. I have a set of those adjustable "Flippy" leavers. some China brand They are all generic in shape and are not really made to get around the switch housing, but they sort of work. If you compare them side by side to the stock lever you will see that the stock lever will clear the switch housing It doesn't matter what you do with the cable adjustment ,,, the lever wont pull far enough when adjusted inward.
  4. M My last three settings are 4/3/3
  5. did a search,,, found this Positron has suggested. 1.5 , 2.5 , 3 Have fun! those are the first three settings
  6. If you adjust those last three settings on your EJK to lower settings the power will come on sooner. they are the switch points for fuel delivery time,, lower the # the sooner things happen check it out and you will be impressed
  7. Hi guys a little update..... I got to reading some other EJK threads and figured the last three settings (switch points) need to actually be set lower as to activate sooner. I changed my EJK settings from 3/4/6/5/4/4.5 to 3/5/8/4/3/3 what I experienced was very noticeable power increase sooner on the throttle, much more peppy and more top speed which is the full throttle setting at "8" the lower switch points settings made things happen sooner. The idle switch point is not to be set to low or a flame out may occur on deceleration I also modified my torquer header a little Remember this bike ripped before and now rips even better!!!! Pulls wheelies better and I got another 5 mph on the top end I have to get it back to Dan for another dyno run soon Stock or modded ,, dont be afraid to play with the ejk settings especially the last three settings (switch points) Ken
  8. Great review Bryan I am starting to feel good about this bike "It will wheelie" that says a lot and the pic of the lumpy downhill, the guy in the back looked like he got some traction and the front end was reaching for the sky
  9. hi guys,,, I'm back!!! Now that all your panties are wadded up, I just wanted to say that my first post was created to vent my observations/complaints and stimulate some discussion among the collective here on TT. Some of you may think I'm ignorant or whatever. (maybe maybe not sometimes) but ,, just so you know,,, I do believe the CRF 450L will be a well designed bike, no doubt about it. I just think they could have approached it a little differently whether it be in the engineering or design departments and I am aware the folks at Honda have their reasons for what they do even if I dont agree. there is still no official mention of actual horse power (I heard from a bird it is 40) I hope its better than that. and I pray it can be modified easily and inexpensively but it would be nice to have good power right out of the create I apologies if any feathers were ruffled ,,,, but it was fun ,,,, wasnt it?
  10. I did bottom line ,,,,,,, Plastic is cheaper save the TI for jet fighters and rocket ships Admin ,,, please kill this
  11. Thanks you guys for setting me straight BTW new stock 2018 crf450r tank oem, about $450 New IMS, Acerbis, about $225 research
  12. Economies of scale,,, really? if that was a correct statement then the 250L should have definitely had a titanium tank, Honda has sold $hit tons of those bikes. I would (and some others) swap that tank for a plastic one that holds more gas,
  13. If that was true then most all cheap bikes would have a titanium gas tank like the 250L ,,,,,,, oh wait it has a steel tank and its one of the cheapest bikes on the market!!!
  14. heres the thing,,,,,,,,,, you dont have to mod out the KTM,, but with the Honda We are already expecting to mod it that says a lot
  15. All valid points Dont get me wrong as it does look to be a nice bike It just seems to be a little over engineered to me I sure hope it comes with lots of ponies
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