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  1. Trying to open the Detroit Supercross Torrent after downloading and get the following error message: "Torrent Task Existed"
  2. I believe I have downloaded 100% What do I need to do to insure I am seeding? I am willing to do what I can but really not sure how to make sure I am seeding. Thanks for the effort to get this out!! :
  3. rgerhardt

    Kids and there bikes

    Taylor's new 65 Griffin (#3) at Budd's (aka Mudd's Creek
  4. rgerhardt

    A warm Image in january

    My new best friend-
  5. rgerhardt

    2002 Ttr 250

    What's it worth? Thinking about selling-
  6. rgerhardt

    TTR 250 Seal Savers

    WOW I guess that was s tupid question! I though tthe TTR forks were an odd size and hard to find seals savers for. Thanks for the info!
  7. rgerhardt

    TTR 250 Seal Savers

    Anyone know where to get them? 2002 model.
  8. rgerhardt

    where is hot motocross babes/girlfriends

    Probably got zapped because someone posted an inapproriate picture. Find a moderator and ask.
  9. rgerhardt

    The making of a Hare Scramble course

    That was a great event. Had a terrible start and still got my best finish to date. Thos guys put on a great show. Hopefully we'll be back next year!
  10. rgerhardt

    Love to see all your racing/bike pics

    Taylor's Hole shot at Budd's Harescramble- Griffin at Reddy Hole: http://gatormoto.tripod.com/imagelib/sitebuilder/misc/show_image.html?linkedwidth=actual&linkpath=http://gatormoto.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/griffinpass.jpg&target=tlx_new Me blowing a good start-http://gatormoto.tripod.com/imagelib/sitebuilder/misc/show_image.html?linkedwidth=actual&linkpath=http://gatormoto.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/start2.jpg&target=tlx_new&title=The%20back%20tire%20passes%20the%20front%20tire%20and%20down%20goes
  11. rgerhardt

    Write a Caption for this Pic

    This AMA moment brought to you by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, proud manufacturers if Viagra. Bubba Scrub this. . .
  12. rgerhardt

    250Battery wont keep a charge

    Thanks- It just seemed a little odd that this started happening all at once-Coincidence I guess-
  13. rgerhardt

    250Battery wont keep a charge

    2002 TTR250 Recently replaced the OEM battery, as it died and would not recharge, with an aftermarket battery-YUASA Went to start this afternoon and NOTHING-Any ideas on what my be drawing from the battery? The key was left on but nothing was on (lights). I have left the key on in the past without this happening. I have a trickle charger I am hoping that will be enough to get me going tomorrow. Thanks!
  14. Whats wrong with that? I wish! Nice pics though and a great backyard. TTR's do fly but they also land very hard!
  15. rgerhardt

    TTR250, Any good?

    That is the honest truth. The limitations of the bike have enabled me to stay away from some otherwise sketchy situations. I am considering getting soemething a little more aggressive but I may keep the TTR for fun and trails or may try to talk my wife into it -May be a little much for her though.