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  1. dLeo

    Wings or Akropovic?

    *gasp* Sorry I’m not any help but that would sure be one expensive misstep. Wowza!!! On a side note - I thought the ‘19 stock 690 can was vastly improved from previous years (heat, weight, size, etc)???
  2. dLeo

    Shorty clutch lever 701

    Just keep putting off replacing the useless stock plastic handguards. You’re almost guaranteed a shorty lever by some point. File the tip smooth - voila!
  3. dLeo

    Wings or Akropovic?

    How do you post a video?
  4. dLeo

    Wings or Akropovic?

    Yes, sorry, mine is the blue fmf 4.1 as well – not the q4 as that's the one that was discontinued. Got the ktm version rather than the husky (same pipe, different sticker decal).
  5. dLeo

    Wings or Akropovic?

    I went with the fmf q4 - needs a few pieces removed/tinkered for mounting but they’re minor and there’s a thread that explains everything. It’s the pipe for the mx bike because they discontinued the 690 version a few years back. Beautiful/runs cool/lighter AND sounds fantastic. Decent throaty bark when you get on the gas and on decel but also surprisingly unnoticeable once at steady rpms. I’m one of only a few that actually can’t stand the look of the akro/wings. Love the mx look of the fmf.
  6. Got a ‘16 690 enduro with tears along the sides of the seat from my knee guards while gripping the tank. I’m likely one of the only few that loves the look of the stock seat and not looking to replace it with an SC or Corbin (both of which I can’t stand the look of). Anyways, while a new stock seat cover is very reasonably priced, the installation looks impossible as there’s a tight groove running down both sides underneath where the staples go that would be impossible to reach with a staple gun. Have no idea how they got them in there from the factory. Not sure how I’d even get in there to remove the existing staples. Anyone have experience with this??? Let me know. Thanks!
  7. I don't know how you guys do it but I can't get mine to power-wheelie past 2nd no matter what I try. I can get the front a little 'light' in 3rd but barely get it cracked from the pavement. So not sure about having it 'pick the front up at will'. I'm in 'standard' setting on the fuel jetting. Maybe I need to switch to 'hooligan' to get better results. Still tonnes of power but definitely not a wheelie-machine through the entire gearbox. Thoughts? Ideas??
  8. dLeo

    2019 690 SMC r ABS light

    I just tested and the abs light doesn’t come on on my 690 enduro. Maybe the sumo is different.
  9. I ride with a group of 300xc two-strokes who only ride single-track and they say the exact same thing to me too every time we exit a trail. Still on stock gearing but really thinking to go down to a 14t front. But I'm much less concerned with the gearing than I am with hitting tight switchbacks with any sort of accuracy or speed. Bought a '16 new and still can't seem to wrestle that thing on a dime with confidence/consistency. Give it a bit of gas and it wants to push wide / light gas and it wants to dive in. Still fun as hell though!!!!!!!
  10. dLeo

    FmF slip-on for 690

    Didn't you scorch the inside of your boot while gripping the tank standing back in sand/mud/etc??? My fmf still isn't installed so I'm just speculating based on the amount of rub-wear from my boots on the existing rear shield. I'd actually be quite delighted to learn that I don't have to weld a nut rig on there.
  11. dLeo

    FmF slip-on for 690

    Hey ysuscuba, just wondering how you managed to mount the rear heat shield??? I don’t see any anchor on your pipe. Let me know as the stock pipe has a nut welded on it which houses the back bolt. I’ll be looking to install my pipe in the next few weeks. Thanks!
  12. dLeo

    FmF slip-on for 690

    The fmf 4.1 has arrived. I do have a question though: the blue anodized finish is a bit blotchy/streaky in colour - definitely doesn’t look crisp + pure like the manufacturer pics. Is this normal??? Just want to make sure I didn’t get duped with something from China. I’ve attached a few pics to illustrate.
  13. dLeo

    FmF slip-on for 690

    Ya, I could see the rear heat shield not being mandatory on the sumo setup based on the standard seated riding position but offroad, especially sand, where you need to stand with your weight over the rear, that exact spot is a high-contact area with your leg. Frick, not sure what to do. If I install it and realize it’s burning holes through my boots then I’m stuck with a hacked-up pipe that I will likely not be able to resell. Might be best to keep the stock exhaust, save the headache, and repost the fmf new right back on eBay. I really wanted this pipe though. Hmmm, not sure.
  14. dLeo

    FmF slip-on for 690

    Ordered the fmf for the 690. Waiting time. Only issue I noticed is the second bolt of the rear heat shield is anchored on a fitting welded on the stock pipe. Any solutions??? It needs to be installed as it’s in a crucial spot where your leg would be in direct contact with the connector joint. Especially when squeezing the tank with your knees offroad.
  15. dLeo

    FmF slip-on for 690

    Got it. Thanks guys. Ordering it this week. BRAAAPPP!!!