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  1. Thank you Eddie! Glad to be post number 54,751 for you!
  2. Eddie, I have a 2003 DRZ400S that is stock. Stock pipe, stock carb. I ride mostly at 1000 to 3000 feet. However, this summer I'll be as high as 9,000 to 12,000 feet during a week trip to Colorado. I plan on doing the 3x3 mod when I rejet. What settings do you recommend for each scenario? Will the JD kit work for both elevations? Or will I need to purchase additional parts? Thanks in advance. Craig
  3. BillKat

    How many TTers in TX?

  4. Burned, I'm planning on doing the 3x3 mod on my 2003 DRZ400S, all stock. I typically ride around 600 to 1000 ft of elevation, sometimes up to 2000 ft. What do I need to perform this Mod? (ie. what and where to order parts). Thanks for your help in advance. C.
  5. BillKat

    Ozark Fall Color Tour

    There are two choices for riders. The adventure loop and the main loop. The main loop is supposed to provide some fun challenges for the dirt bike class. I'll let you know in early November.
  6. BillKat

    Ozark Fall Color Tour

    It's currently booked, but here's the website. www.ozarkdualsport.com
  7. BillKat

    Ozark Fall Color Tour

    Anybody else signed up for the Ozark Fall Color Tour at the end of October? I can't wait.
  8. BillKat

    Anybody ever hear from....

    those guys that were taking their DRZs to Asia? Just wondering how their trip turned out...
  9. BillKat

    EVS Armor - Opinions Please

    I've been looking at armor some time and decided on the EVS. Anybody else have it? What do you like and dislike? Should've written this post before I ordered it, but....
  10. BillKat

    Mountain Home / Twin Lakes Riding

    I grew up in Mtn Home near Lake Norfork. There are a lot of dirt roads around the lake to explore. Used to be a place just north of Mtn Home on 201N, before the bridge crosses the lake, a dirt road on the west side that would take you down to a local hangout spot called "Wolfley". Bunch of jeepin' and drinkin' by the local high school kids. Might be closed down now, not sure. Great place for dirt bikes.
  11. BillKat

    Battery ?

    Call the TT Store, I just bought a new battery and Batt Tender Jr for around $70.
  12. BillKat

    Good Battery=Happy MXJ

    Those are the days of our lives......
  13. BillKat

    All Wheel Drive Motorcycle !

    Hmmm.... http://www.manufacturingcenter.com/dfx/archives/0505/0505tech_upgrade.asp
  14. BillKat

    Cleaning the air filter

    I've got a K&N filter in one of my cars and was wondering about using the K&N Cleaner & Oil on the stock foam filter for my DRZ. Will this create any problems?