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  1. bobgarty

    1985 DR 250 12 volt conversion ( help! )

    Hi Jon, The Post 1989 DR250 is a very different beast and I'm not that familiar with it (to compare see my '82 DR250S above) .. upload a pic so I can try to work out what model it is ..
  2. bobgarty

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    My DR's .. well 2 of them
  3. bobgarty

    1984 dr250 no spark issues

    Hi, The CDI (ignitor) on the '80's DR250S is a pile of cr@p and is well known to break down. I can supply you with a scan of the multimeter tests from the OEM service manual if you still need them. I use an aftermarket CDI on my '82 DR250S which works ok.
  4. bobgarty

    1985 DR 250 12 volt conversion ( help! )

    Hey guys .. old thread .. but here is some info ... The European DR250S 1982-89 was a 12V system with a battery ... Also the SP250, which is basically the same bike with a few minor Mods, was a 12V system. So swap the loom, stator and add the Reg/Rec and a battery eliminator and bob's your uncle. The CDI and coil are the same parts across the 6V and 12V models. I have loads of Euro DR250S parts .. but am UK based so not much help to you guys in the States .. but EBay usually has relevant bits.
  5. bobgarty

    SP500 suggestions

    No Worries
  6. bobgarty

    SP500 suggestions

    The SP500 did have a battery as standard, it was the US spec DR500 that was batteryless. Are you sure it is an SP500? .. Most DR500's have an Engine No. Starting SP500-xxxxxx. Check the headstock for the frame no. Also someone may have changed the stator - to confirm for an SP500 there should be 2 wires to a plug from the pickup (Green and Orange) to the CDI, 2 Wires to a plug for power to the CDI (Grey and Brown) and then 2 separate wires - Pink for Lighting and White/Red for the battery circuit. If you have that stator then you need an SP500 loom(cheap on Ebay) an aftermarket ignition switch(cheap on Ebay) a battery tray, left switch gear, a Regulator and a rectifier. You can then add any after market lights you need .. and a horn if you wish.
  7. bobgarty

    1982 dr250 or dr350 no battery Headlight

    Hi, As your diagram shows the version of the early 1980's DR250 imported to the US had no battery or ignition switch. and was 6V. The Rest of World DR250 had battery, ignition switch etc and was either 6V or 12V. The US DR250 frame doesn't have the lugs to bolt the oem battery holder to. Just as an FYI the SP250 is very similar to the DR250.
  8. bobgarty

    Old DR250 won't start.

    Hi, I have an '82 DR250 (European version). If this is the same model ( 1982 -1989) I can give you all the expected multimeter readings for the CDi, Coil, Pickup and generator from the service manual. that way you can see if anything has broken down. Let me know
  9. bobgarty

    '81 DR500 - rear tyre metric size

    Hi Guys, Standard Rear tyre is 4.60-18 - I know there is limited clearance for big tyres .. what is the best Metric size tyre that will fit without fouling. thanks