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    Which triple clamps are good quality?

    I have the BBR clamp it works grate and looks killer and drops the forks 1 inch for more travel, I got it for $179.00 @ www.mx-performance.com I have the BBR pipe and springs to and I want to get the swingarm its killer, hope this helps.
  2. ripzip

    HD fork springs for TTR125?

    I got the BBR springs I am a 185lbs and I love them. I got them from www.mx-performance.com
  3. If you are running a stock 50cc bbr is the best pipe the classic honda pipe is a grate pipe for 88cc up to 117cc but for 50cc to 88cc bbr has it and it sounds killer to. I get all my parts from mx-performance.com he has good prices I just got a 75cc kit for 6 yr old son and me and my 14 yr old run super head 88cc, I had a classic honda pipe and sold it and got the big bore bbr the classic pipe had good top end but for a mx track I need lots of bottom. hop this help's here is the site mx-performance.com -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------01 YZ426F / 03 TTR125 / 03 XR50 / TWO 04 BBR SUPER PRO FRAME AND MARZOCCHI FORK CRF50s / 04 DRZ110 /
  4. ripzip

    Need HELP!!

    Get a BAR it comes with a quiet exhaust insert you can put it in or take out and it is the best made pipe . I have got a lot of parts from this guy and i have a 03 XR50 / 02 TTR125 and 03 DRZ110 www.mx-performance.com hope this helps
  5. ripzip

    BBR TTR 125 fork springs new in package f/s

    I got a set this week for my bike i paid 71.00 for them from this guy www.mx-performance.com my rod handles great now!
  6. ripzip

    BBR Springs in TTR 125L

    I just told a guy in crf150 forum about this guy he has good prices on yamaha stuff to here is his linkwww.mx-performance.com i mite get a ttr 125 soon its up to my dad, i hope this helps
  7. ripzip

    BBR parts

    i order a spring for my bud he don't have a pc we got the BBR shock spring and he loves it, i get all my stuff for my 50 from here i need some springs to the stock springs are killing me he has stuff for 150 and 230 heres the link www.mx-performance.com
  8. ripzip

    New to the crf50 world

    I got a BBR, and i love it i paid 208.00 + ship it looks so kool i need to get some springs now, this is a killer site thanks!
  9. ripzip

    New to the crf50 world

    I like this site to i just got a pipe for my 50 it sounds so cool like a big bike www.mx-performance.com