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  1. I am doing the kx85 front suspension swap and a rear linkage flip with KLX 125 dog bones. I must be geometrically challenged because I don't understand the linkage flip. The shock only mounts on spot so I flipped the linkage side to side. Not top to bottom or front to back...... Right?????? Any one have a pic of the stock linkage vs flipped linkage? All the pics on the net and searchs come up with old pics that have been deleted or no longer hosted Thanks Pete
  2. 351bolt

    KLX 140L won't start

    Valves were out of spec. Simply adjustment and starts just fine now.
  3. 2015 KLX 140l jetted, air box mod and pro circuit T4 exhaust. Bike has always started reliably. Cold weather came and bike would not start, figured it was just the cold. Now the weather is warner and the bike will not start. Fresh gas, cleaned jets, has spark and plug is wet with fuel. I got it to run briefly yesterday for about 30 seconds and then it died. Would not restart Won't even sputter even with a shot of starting fluid. Do these have bike have valves like my CRF250X? I need to run a compression check to see if it has any...... Any other ideas? Thanks Pete
  4. 351bolt

    KLX 140 needs more power. How?

    I own two of these. Full length pipe/muffler, jets and air box mods. My jets are like 42 and 100 or 105. Can't remember off the top of my head. Search on here as there are people that have done lots of cool stuff to them. Pete
  5. 351bolt

    Big mini pit bike project--KLX 140L

    Thanks for the replys. There seems to be lowered foot pegs and taller seats for the 110, does any of that match the 140 or is it totally different? I think I'll start with the suspension swaps first. My son also has a 140L so I might get to all this twice. Pete
  6. 351bolt

    Big mini pit bike project--KLX 140L

    How much taller is the seat height? I have a tall skinny kid that doesn't have enough weight to jump to a 250. She loves her 140L, but she is getting a little tall for it. I think the fork swap might be the answer Thanks Pete
  7. 351bolt

    Is the KLX 140 a decent bike?

    I just picked up an 08 KLX140L for my kids. 13 year old daughter and 10 year old son. They out outgrew the CRF100 we had. Bike is very tame compared to the 150R I got them last year. My kids are conservative riders and don't like the high winding 150R They much prefer the 140 as they can lug it down if they want. Pete
  8. 351bolt

    2007 Crf150r Carb/Idle issues

    I went to the 09 set up. NMQS needle, 3rd clip position, 138 main, 38 pilot, 58 leak. Changed to 42 pilot. Its ok, but still inconsistent. Some times it hangs, sometimes it bogs. Put an R&D flex screw in it, still can't get quite right. Pete
  9. 351bolt

    Taneum/manashtash question

    The main road to Rider's Camp or Manastash is all washboard. Go slow and the bouncy ride won't be too bad. Feds want $5 per day unless you have NW Forest Pass. USFS was out on June 23-25th while I was there checking for passes or payment receipts. From either camp you can tie into and the Naches system on the top for more adventure. Pete
  10. 351bolt

    Naches Taenum

    Rode from Riders camp to Manastash lake, up past the lake, along the ridge and back down to Camp with no issues. Trail was really rocky. Also rode Taneum Ridge, Fishhook flats and N. Taneum Ridge trail in a loop from Tanuem Junction. One tree that fell over on N. Taneum Ridge about 6 miles from camp. No saw, so its still there.
  11. 351bolt

    07 Jetting

    Ended up with a 42 pilot, 138 main, NMQS needle, 3rd position with the clip, 58 leak jet, 2 turns out on the fuel screw. Previous owner had 45 leak jet, made a big difference to baseline it on the 2009 jetting then change the pilot. Was running great until the fuel screw vibrated out after 15 miles of logging road. Luckily I found the screw and spring and made it back to the truck Ordered an R&D flex screw to solve that problem Pete
  12. 351bolt

    07 Jetting

    I know this has been covered a few times and I have looked and researched it all, but still can't get it right. Currently jetted at 42 pilot, 145 main, JD red needle in the 5th position, unknown leak jet (JD kit installed per instructions) screw is 2 turns out, but turning it doesn't seem to make much difference. Bike is stock except for FMF muffler Bike starts fine, hot or cold and runs good, except for low end bog and hanging idle. I had a 45 pilot in it, which really bogged it out, but idle did not seem to hang as bad. Bike gets real hot and will start to push coolant out overflow if left to idle to long. Where do I go from here? Valves have been shimmed, no vacuum leaks. Am I too rich? I was thinking about changing to the 08-09 needle and jetting, but all the posts end with no feedback about how it worked out for those that changed to it. Thanks Pete
  13. 351bolt

    2007 Crf150r Carb/Idle issues

    What did your final jetting end up being? I have the JD jet kit in now as per the instructions, but it wants to hang the idle still. If it idles too long its gets hot and starts pushing coolant out the overflow. Might got to the 09 jetting to see if it helps Thanks pete
  14. 351bolt

    2007 CRF150R Needs work

    I went back and watched some how to's on valve checking and checked mine again. Intakes were way off, so new shims will go in toddy. Should solve the issues I hope. Thanks Pete
  15. 351bolt

    2007 CRF150R Needs work

    So I've installed the flywheel weight, new brakes and a JD jet kit Can't get the bike to idle. It hangs high and then goes low. Can't even get a base line to start with. Doesn't start real great hot or cold. I've checked the valves and they are ok. Squirt is ok too. Put the JD jet kit in as recommended per their instructions. 42 pilot, 140 main, red needle on 5th groove from the top, used the lighter ring for the ap mod. Fuel screw has been run from 1 to 2.5 turns out. About 1.5 seemed to be best, but still hanging idle and real bog from off idle More turns and it was real bad, plus exhaust smelled like fuel I've searched the forum and I should be close per the other posts. Run great on the mid to top end. Where do I go from here? I ride between 1200-4500 feet in elevation. When I first took the carb off, I removed the TPS sensor from the carb, maybe I messed something up there. I lined it back up with the marks Also the fuel screw only has 1 o-ring by the float bowl. This is an unknown aftermarket screw. There is no o ring at the end of the spring, as per the stock picture and some aftermarket screws. Do I need another o ring? Thanks Pete