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  1. zackm58941

    Extra Transmission Oil??????

    Idk why ur running dextron III or any other ATF? Im not as smart as the honda engineers and I dont talk like I am either but you should run what Honda says! I put in the recomended 649cc's or however much it was and ended up putting another 1/4 of a qt of fluid in to get it to flow out of the check plug on the side of the tranny. Thats just my 2 cents. Zack
  2. zackm58941

    Help!! my '05 CRF450X engine oil looks like milk!

    I'd be doing a cylinder leak test with milky oil first off! When and if you do, pop off the radiator cap and if you see bubbles then get ready to do the headgasket and take the head to a machine shop. Zack
  3. zackm58941

    650R cyl wall inspection question??

    you would need a dial bore gauge to deturmine the diff. in cyl wear. I'd say go with the next size up piston and have fun!
  4. zackm58941

    new 05crf450x owner

    where in upstate? im in rochester
  5. zackm58941

    Electric cooling fan kit for the 450x?

    no, i havent overheated it yet but idk couldnt be a bad idea. right?
  6. zackm58941

    Electric cooling fan kit for the 450x?

    Hi, I was on another members homepage on his 250x (http://rickramsey.net/CRF250Xbigbore.htm) and saw this electric cooling fan kit for the 250x. I went on service honda.com and they can get the kit for 196 buck or somthing like that but will it fit the 450x? Maybe its for both models but not sure, so if anyone knows then feel free to chime in. Also, with installing this fan kit on the x, does the stator put out enough power to keep the headlight/taillight plus a fan going? Thanks! Zack
  7. zackm58941

    Just bought a new 2006 CRF 450 X!

    Alright, here they are gentlemen. Took them right before I left for work, also had to wake up the neighborhood with a quick ride around too . Now its time for more power! Zack
  8. zackm58941

    Just bought a new 2006 CRF 450 X!

    Basically warmed it up and cruised through 1st, 2nd and 3rd and from 1/2 throtle in 3rd went to wide open throtle and let off the gas (let the engine do the braking). I want to seat the rings right for the best seal, did that a few times and will prob change oil and filter, prob tranny oil too. I dont know if you gotta do the tranny oil but its still breaking in I guess. Ill try to get some pics up tomorrow when I get out of work, sucks coming home and its already dark at 5 pm! Zack
  9. zackm58941

    Just bought a new 2006 CRF 450 X!

    Holy crap!! I just got her home and went for a ride to break it in and got on the gas a few times to see what it was made of. Anyways, this thing has so much frekin power!!! Im so glad it got the 450 and its quit nimble too. Cant wait to get it on the trails, sucks I gotta wait till spring being up here in new york. Thanks guys! Zack
  10. zackm58941

    Just bought a new 2006 CRF 450 X!

    Hey everyone, I just bought a new 06' 450x and Im picking it up tomorrow! I traded in my 03 crf230 for it and I cant wait to get on the new bike . I was debating between the 250x and 450x b/c of the little weight difference but I dont wanna out grow anything else, Im sure the 450 will hold me over for a long while, haha. Anywho, cant wait to get the bike and start posting in the 450 area! I'll post pics when i get it, i know you all know what it looks like but im frekin' hyped over this thing. Zack
  11. zackm58941

    XR650L big bore reliability

    Just go with the 102.4mm wiseco 10.25:1 piston. Its like 165 and figure 45 or 50 for machining. Then base gasket and a new 102.4mm head gasket, you can use the valve cover gasket over, just use black RTV silicone. As for maintence, you might need to change the oil a little more often but not too much more. The larger bore doesnt make that much more heat to make you change your oil like a 450r. You dont need full synthetics either, although it wont hurt it, its not nessicary at all. For exhaust, if I rode off road with the bike all the time I would leave the stock silencer on for noise but mine is on the road 100% of the time. My opinion is its a lot of money for little gains but if your more for the sound then thats cool too. Good luck, oh and contact thumper racing.net. They did the machine work on my bike and really recommend them! Zack
  12. zackm58941

    XR650L big bore reliability

    I'd have to say pretty damn good... I beat the snot out of mine everytime I get on it and not one problem yet, oh and its been 2k miles since the rebuild. Good luck! Zack
  13. zackm58941

    Wanted stock tail light for the L

    I gotta a stock one and a bunch of other good stock parts from my 04 650l, let me know! Zack
  14. zackm58941

    New EBC 320mm kit for L's?

    sounds good, let us all know!! Zack
  15. zackm58941

    New EBC 320mm kit for L's?

    $299, Whoa! I might as well buy the MAP engineering kit for 365.