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  1. WA_trail_rider

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

    Entiat ORV map for Aug11
  2. WA_trail_rider

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

    We saw lots of fuels reduction work done over Garland to Shetipo trail. Hope some of that work helps to keep it minimized. Two days later we rode the Boundary trail in Gifford Pinchot NF, and with all the uphill root-ledges I may be warmed up to ride Shetipo uphill now. Pray for rain.
  3. WA_trail_rider

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

    We rode down Shetipo. Everyone loved it. I wouldn’t ride up it. Steep with hundreds of root ledges, many with wheel-size holes dug out below.
  4. WA_trail_rider

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

    Thanks very much. So Shetipo is open too? Which is the hardcore, South Tommy or Shetipo? Anyone been up Duncan Hill or Anthem this year? Those are on North side of Entiat Valley.
  5. WA_trail_rider

    Devils Gulch conditions

    Anyone have updates of status of Devils and Mission? USFS says Red Hill and Red devil are closed due to fire. Anyone know why? And is that fire still burning? TIA!
  6. WA_trail_rider

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

    Gonna go up from Maverick saddle, over the hill to Entiat valley on Monday. Can anyone recommend which is the better route? Shetipo or which of the Tommys? These guys are hardheads, if anyone can make it they have to go at it. been on all 3 Tommys, they are good but can't remember which ones the hardest, or how Shetipo compares to the hardest Tommy. Has Shetipo been cleared this year? We might have a saw. Thanks for any help!
  7. WA_trail_rider

    Hammer solves ECX-F sidestand self-retract

    So you’re suggesting all I had to do was REMOVE the collar? And then the bolt screws farther in? I always assume they’d make it more difficult to un-do safety measures. I wonder if some dealers are “fixing” these things during bike setup. It would sure suck to have customers do bike dominos in the showroom. Well what I did wasn’t so difficult and I can still remove the self-retract collar. It puzzles me that nobody is posting about this simple stuff. How can this stuff be so “secret”?
  8. Hi, have 2017 350 EXC-F. No kickstarter. I am not accustomed to a dirtbike with no kickstarter. I would like to add a bright, visible LED to indicate the key is “on” (while engine not running). It would be similar to an “alternator charge light” (on a classic vehicle). These are very simple to wire on a classic vehicle. Is there a product available to do this function? Or can someone who knows the EXC system tell me how to wire this? If there’s already a thread for this can someone provide a link or a searchable keyword that will get me to that post? I want a bright warning light that tells me I left the key on. - Switch the key ON, red LED comes ON. Red LED turns off upon engine start. - Kill the motor with the clutch. Red LED comes ON - Kill the motor with the panic switch: Red LED comes on. - Anytime engine is running, Red LED is OFF - Anytime Key is OFF, Red LED is OFF I have some really bright 12v LEDs that draw 21mA that I’d use (if no better suggestions) thanks!!!
  9. WA_trail_rider

    Hammer solves ECX-F sidestand self-retract

    I tried this on a friend's 2014 500EXC which had a MUCH shorter stainless steel link, it solved his sidestand problem. Just a few light taps is all it takes.
  10. Answer: Filling it thru the flywheel hole while the bike is on it's side is easier than using the clutch cover hole. You pour one whole liter in. If you have a gallon it's better to measure one liter first. Then you stand it up, start the engine (knowing it got oil pressure faster by the pre-fill) n and check the sight glass. And adjust the level by adding oil in the clutch cover filler. It's a good way and it's recommended in the owners manual. If feeling anal you can really soak the filter, getting it almost full. No worries on the flywheel plug, the threads are lubed, nice fat o-ring, and no need to overtighten I don't think you EVER will have a problem, and how could you ever know? Probably just a tiny bit faster piston & cam wear, you'd never notice it. If you get a new bike every few years, agreed it would be a total waste of your time, preserving it for the next owner. Here's a pic showing the procedure from the owners manual (2017).
  11. WA_trail_rider

    Hammer solves ECX-F sidestand self-retract

    I woulda noticed that for sure! Parts bag has a throttle cam and the (non-mirror) clutch/brake control clamps - no sidestand bolt.
  12. WA_trail_rider

    Hammer solves ECX-F sidestand self-retract

    Its 99% A few bucks for the Canada exc sidestand bolt & bushing would make it 100%. It can’t affect the retract position (while riding) because endpoints of the spring system do not change. Simply defeats the self-retract.
  13. WA_trail_rider

    Hammer solves ECX-F sidestand self-retract

    Not hitting the bolt. Its bending the little stainless steel tab that auto-retracts the sidestand. I edited the opening post and added some info to the pics so its more visible. The soft stainless steel tab bends with just a tap. You can make an instant friend by doing this “mod” with a rock on the trail. Heres the original Notice the bottom of the spring is about 10mm fwd. Thats all it takes.
  14. InRoost that’s the info I’m after. If the flywheel area drains to the main sump then its a very convenient place & time to fill the engine. The bikes already laying on the ground, the flywheel hole is horizontal, much easier access than the filler on the clutch cover. You can be pouring oil in, and alternately topping off the filter cavity as the filter soaks up more oil. FUI a 14mm hex/allen to unscrew the cover. The question: Is pouring oil into the flywheel hole THE SAME as pouring oil into the filler on the clutch cover? I was thinking some member on this forum musta had one of these engines opened up .... and knows the answer (?).