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  1. billygoat

    Riding buddies....

    I don't do moto, but if you look on line you'll find MX forums and several clubs in the valley. Get a spark arrestor and quiet muffler and you can learn trails from a club, too. AZ Trail Riders, FAST'R, RockStars and Off-Camber MC are just a few of the clubs.
  2. billygoat

    Spark Arrestor Query

    You'll have to have a USFS approved one if you ride on federal land. I would suggest a Sparky brand add-on.
  3. billygoat

    What is it worth? 1985 honda xl600r

    Put the turn signals on it. Adjust the valves. Do the maintenance and sell if for 1250 firm. You'll get that much, or they'll make you an offer (firm never really means firm if you have cash!).
  4. billygoat

    How was Jim Kenna as BLM director in AZ?

    Ahh, grasshopper. You'll have your chance to woo the incoming state director. Then you'll reach your advocacy zen. Being in a club is a good place to start. Just keep paying those OHV coalition dues....and network on sites like this one!
  5. billygoat

    How was Jim Kenna as BLM director in AZ?

    Look at his bio http://www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/medialib/blm/ca/pdf/caso/bios.Par.35795.File.dat/Jim%20Bio.pdf In his accomplishments, he's authored ecological studies and likes hiking. He wasn't in AZ long enough to do much. Some of his legacy will be solar and uranium. Both are on track to anger someone. As far as riding goes, he folded on lifting the riding closure in the Sonoran desert national monument as part of a court settlement related to grazing. http://www.westernwatersheds.org/news-media/news-release/2010/02/12/federal-lawsuit-settled-over-grazing-and-protection-within-sonora From the wester watersheds press release: "Until the management plan is completed, the settlement also mandates that sections of the Monument currently closed to motorized traffic and off-highway vehicle use shall remain closed. Kenna notes that in 2008, the BLM closed 88 miles of roads to restore damaged resources and protect the Monument. “The BLM and its many volunteers are making tremendous progress restoring these lands, and the terms of the settlement are consistent with our commitments to Monument visitors and gateway communities.” Per BLM's policy on temporary closures, two years max is the rule. Well, we're headed for four years as a result of the settlement. There still isn't a management plan for the monument, so that 88miles is still closed. So, it appears he'll use off-roading as a pawn if it suits him. Not attached to it. The CA Desert District mgr used to work for him, too. So, check into Teri Raml's record to see what might be in store for you guys and gals. Good luck!
  6. billygoat

    more xl 600 questions

    I once bought a parts bike (83 XR500) to get the supertrapp off of it to fit onto an 85 XL 600. The swingarm and shock fit without modification. The triple trees bolted right on using the same bearings as the XL. The supertrapp fit with exception of one mount. The bend on the pipe cleared everything so I used it. Not sure about the tank/seat, though.
  7. billygoat

    XL600R Loud mechanical ticking noise when running

    My first look would be at the decompression mechanism. When misadjusted, it will make a ticking sound because it is contacting one of the exhaust valves. Read a bit on the mechanism. They can be finicky.
  8. billygoat

    1978 Honda xl350

    Since it's in good original condition I think 900 is probably the tops. You could try 950 considering it's a good commuter if you're in a city. Mileage makes the top end a wildcard to a buyer. I'd buy it for 800 if I wanted one. I'll stick with my 76MR250.
  9. billygoat

    76 MT250 Honda Elsinore Project

    Your bike looks so good, maybe you don't need the POR15. My personal experience was that the paint was just as nice as yours, only it was rusting through from the inside. It was a Los Angeles bike, so sea air was a factor. I put a plastic tank on it. I had a failure on the oil pump gear (nylon) on a RZ350. I've heard that's the weak link in most of the oil pump systems. So, replacing the gear probably wouldn't hurt if you have a reason to be in that side case.
  10. billygoat

    76 MT250 Honda Elsinore Project

    I don't think the MR250 manual is going to help a lot. I found a website that sold copies of vintage original manuals. So, some searching should yield one. That rust on the tank could be rust coming all the way through. I would do the POR15 treatment which includes using Marine Clean that POR sells. It works well, but takes some time. Post up a pic of this survivor bike, please. These bikes are really cool because they represent, to me, a time in our history when low cost and performance were packaged together and it was LEGAL.
  11. billygoat

    Replacement tank for 76 Honda MR250

    After a long time, I finally got things worked out. I had purchased another steel tank off of fleabay as a spare and had a friend fix my old pinhole rusted tank up real nice. Then, I dropped...in the garage. It began to weep, just like me. Long story short, here's the result. I put a Clarke 11360 tank on it. It's supposed to fit a 78-80 CR250 which has the pipe on the wrong side. I had to make a cross over fitting and mount a petcock by the carb. Took about 10hrs including machining new mounts and a petcock replacement part. I have more pics if any of you MR owners need them. The part I made shown in 2nd pic could be made by anyone. The Clarke petcock adapter that they send could probably be made to work with a plumbing fitting, too.
  12. billygoat

    MM10 can I go through the gate?

    Get a map. (seriously, they are cheap). MM10 is a gravel pit haul road and the gate is on private land, so if you go through it when it's open, it may be closed when you try to leave. The whole area is a mix of private, state and BLM land. So, you need a map that shows you who owns what (called land ownership). Blue color is state land, white is private, yellow is BLM. BLM sells a map for $4 call the Lake Pleasant/Hieroglyphic Mtns map. 623-580-5500. You can also get wider scale maps from BLM for longer trip planning. Wide world of maps is good, also. You can also join a club. There are several that ride that area.
  13. billygoat

    Info/Advice on Primm to Vegas/Henderson

    that's pretty neat. I've done some riding from Parker to 29 palms and Mojave road. One time rode Mojave Rd and stayed in Baker then rode back to Laughlin via an old gold mine town called Hart(?). Always wanted to ride to Vegas. Now I know it's possible.
  14. billygoat

    Crossing the Bill Williams River

    That area is in the Lake Havasu jurisdiction. I posted the number for the recreation planner in a previous post.
  15. billygoat

    Crossing the Bill Williams River

    You should check for BLM wilderness around Burro Creek. I know a few old roads were closed back in the early 90s as a result of wilderness designation. Get the yellow covered BLM maps (1:100k) for the areas you want to ride. They have the land ownership by color on there and roads in thin red lines. The main roads you're looking for would be on there. You should let the BLM know the route you take so they can incorporate that into their travel plans. I remember seeing in the Phoenix BLM's resource plan that they have a goal to connect the neighboring BLM and FS areas for long distance travel (like this).