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  1. MX4Life

    District 7 AMA next year

    District 7 motocross is run by MAMA. The Vet classes race on Saturday. Good turn outs from what I hear, I work Saturdays so no firsthand info.
  2. I'm looking at a 29ft Coachman with the Chevy chassis. I'm looking for actual MPG figures. Thanks Doug
  3. MX4Life

    Rocket Raceway

    I remember a step down jump near the pits, by the finishline. I hated it too. Sounds like it's still there. I was thinking about racing Sunday?
  4. MX4Life

    Pennsylvania Rocket Raceway

    Has anyone been to Rocket latey? I haven't been there since Mark sold the place. I'm a +50 rider looking for a safe/fun track.
  5. MX4Life

    2012 Blue Diamond meet up and ride anytime

    The Pro-Action guy is Rees Firestone, is number is 302-322-3808. He's at BD most Sundays helping his riders. Tell him Doug sent ya.
  6. MX4Life

    Maryland Easton Sold

    The track in Easton,MD is closed. Their website says it's been sold. Anyone here know what's going on? There was something on their facebook page, but it's gone now. We had an AHRMA event scheduled for Sept 29th and Donald didn't know anything about it.
  7. MX4Life

    Thinking about going to Unadilla

    Hey Joe, I've been going to Unadilla since the mid-70's. I've always camped at the track and I would think all the local hotels would be booked well in advance. Maybe something in Binghamton would be available. It's worth the drive, have fun.
  8. MX4Life

    New help changing a tire

    Put your wheel and new tire in the trunk of your car on a sunny day. A soft tire is easier to change and use dish soap on the bead.
  9. MX4Life

    Is Mountaineer Raceway still open?

    Long gone, but Tomahawk is going strong and just down the road. http://www.tomahawkmx.com/
  10. MX4Life

    2012 Blue Diamond meet up and ride anytime

    I'm going Sunday, #810, old fat guy on a Suzuki.
  11. MX4Life

    2012 Blue Diamond meet up and ride anytime

    I work Saturdays, post when you're going on Sundays and if I'm not racing I'll be there.
  12. MX4Life

    Crystal Coast MX, N.C. (JWTF)

    Acccording to Dodge, the nitro can tow 5000lbs. Just rent a trailer and take both bikes. Problem solved?
  13. MX4Life

    2012 Starting in Second gear

    Is the bike brand new? Every 450 I've owned needed breakin time and a couple oil changes before they shifted smoothly. I run Amsoil Synthetic in my '12 RMZ450, don't go cheap when it comes to oil.
  14. MX4Life

    ok New town no friends.

    I work at Powersports East, thanks for the mention. There's also Easton MX, they have 2 tracks and some trails. www.eastonmx.com
  15. MX4Life


    Yep, the dragstrip didn't renew the lease for the MX/SX track.