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  1. Cobalt650

    6’5”, KTM 690R or CRF450L?

    My plan is to keep my 2009 WR450F as a “buddy” bike. I plated it in 2010, in Michigan, which is close to our cabin. Have kept the Michigan plate ever since. I believe Wisconsin is quite a bit tougher.
  2. Cobalt650

    Full Review & Ride Report: 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport!

    Awesome! I’m 6’5”, looking for a new dual sport. There are some great deals on 2018 690R’s, but now you have me thinking about this Honda. Great write-up!
  3. Looking for a second bike to go with a plated WR450F. Started off looking at Africa Twins, but now thinking the KTM 690R (new for under $9,000) or a new CRF450L. 51, riding for 40 years, Intermediate skill level. Sand roads, some trail, bit of paved roads. Thoughts?
  4. Cobalt650

    What did you do to your WR today?

    What did you think of the new KTM? A game changer?
  5. Cobalt650

    Front Wheel Wobble

    I've notice a very slight wheel wobble with my front wheel. Coincidentally, I recently tightened the spokes for the first time. The spokes all sound true, but now I'm wondering if I self-induced the wobble with my rookie spoke tightening, or if perhaps the rim had already been bent, and I just now noticed the wobble. Thoughts on how to diagnose, or if perhaps a slight wobble is not that big of a deal? 2009 WR450F. Plated, but trail ridden only. Thanks.
  6. Cobalt650

    Wr426f misfire at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle on cruise

    Last week my dealer did the AIS removal, installed the jets/clip included in the Yamaha kit, removed the baffle, air filter snorkel, and grey wire on my 2009 WR450. Took it for a 45 mile ride yesterday, 800' elevation, crazy hot day for us in Wisconsin, 98 degrees. Idle-good. 2/3 throttle or more, great, any thing else, stumbles-misses-sputters. Never had any issues before the mods, would the mods have triggered TPS issues? And idiot question follows, where do you unplug the TPS? Thanks much, Steve
  7. Cobalt650

    What did you do to your WR today?

    OK. Bike starts great, no choke required. Pulls like it is in stage 5 afterburner. But... when cruising at 1/4 throttle, it sputters, stumbles. Add gas, pulls like a champ. Let off, good. Hold it at 1/4 throttle, it stumbles. Thoughts??? I paid the dealer $300 to put the AIS kit in, sure hoping to not have to do that again.
  8. Cobalt650

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Yamaha AIS removal kit, added included jets/needle/clip, de-snorkel, baffle out. Runs like a champ:)
  9. Cobalt650

    08 WR 450 handling issues

    Let's pretend, hypothetically , that the suspension on my 2009 WR450F has never been adjusted, it is as it was when it came out of the crate. I weigh 210 lbs. Where should I start in setting it up? Trails,sand logging roads are the primary use. I'm 44, pretty mellow riding. Took it to a MX track a few times, but those trips are few and far between. I have just been getting on it and riding, change the oil frequently, but way past time to try to tune/adjust the suspension a bit.
  10. Cobalt650

    Fuel Injection Idle

    Krannie, How do you like the KTM vs the WR450F that you had? I currently have a WR450F, is it worth the extra $ to go orange? I'm a casual trail rider, occasionally go to the MX track just to ride in the dirt. 44 and comfy getting there when I get there!
  11. Cobalt650

    Five bikes, what size trailer?

    I'm in a similar boat. 5 Yamaha's for my three daughters, wife and I. I currently have two wheel chocks at the front of a 12' Aluma utility trailer, and I put a third bike in between those two. Not sure how to put the other two on. Wheel chocks would keep my from using the trailer for other things, open to any ideas on how to secure the fleet!!!
  12. Cobalt650

    2011 TTR125LE Pilot Jet, no airbox mod?

    I'd like to make my daughter's TTR-125LE easier to start. Mild trail riding use only. Would just replacing the Pilot Jet with the 17.5 VM28/486 do the trick? I'd prefer to not mess with the airbox or do the main jet. 600' above sea level here in Wisconsin. Thanks!
  13. Since this is the internet, and nobody can make fun of me in person, here goes.... I'm going to re-jet my '09 WR450F, and do the AIS removal. When I take the subframe bolts/shock out, what is the best way to support the bike? Can it stay on its kickstand, or put it on a stand, or suspend with straps? Flame away
  14. I'm sure that I can remove the pea shooter and air box snorkel myself, without causing any damage. Not so confident about doing the AIS removal/jets included with the GYTR AIS Removal kit, which I've purchased. Any thoughts on what a dealer would charge to do this, or the degree of difficulty for a mechanical newbie to accomplish? I'm 44, been riding sleds/bikes for 40 years, just haven't really done any carb work, happy to just ride.
  15. Cobalt650

    dual sport kits

    Pschiess-what tires are you running, and are they DOT? Thanks!