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  1. Hey I have an idea but just wanted to double check, Whats the correct way of fixing handle bars not in line with front wheel on my 08 CRF450x? Here's a photo of the problem, what it looks like rite now, very annoying riding having to hold the bars on an angle: As you can see, the actuall handle bar mounts are on the piss, Ive fixt this a bit before by removing the handle bars & rubber bushes where it mounts to the head stock & swapped the rubbers around from sid to side & that straightend them up a bit, but it still wasnt perfect. So its is next thing to do loosen the fork clamps, hold the front wheel still, twist the handle bars to the correct possition then tighten the fork clamps? Is that what I need to do? Or is that wrong? Cheers!!
  2. Thanks heaps guys! Im doing it now, seems pretty straight forward. Cheers!
  3. Oh cool, so it will spring back to the middle by its self, cool thanks! I would of only undone the triple clamps & tried to twist the handle bars straight to the wheel. Good to know, Cheers!
  4. Turns out one of the bar mount bolts were slightly bent, swaped them side of side, now thebars a level with the head stock but the front wheel is still out I think.
  5. hxr400

    Aftermarket Airfilter Recomendations

    I go TwinAir & OEM & rotate between the two. I think they are exactly the same. Plus a Twinair prefilter sock.
  6. hxr400

    08 sticky throttle while assembling! What do?

    Ohhhhh! Is THAT all!? Sweet, wont worry bout em then! Thanks for that!!
  7. Hey guys, Im assembling my 450x after installing new piston & reconditioned cylinder head with SS valves & new springs ect... I'm working from the Workshop manual & I'm up to fitting the carby back in. Ive just fitted the throttle cables & adjusted it. But the throttle seems to be sticky, like the spring is not strong enough to pull the throttle back shut after turning to full throttle. The WS manual says to put the cover on & continue, but its not rite.... I'm thinking of bringing home a can of contact cleaner & CRC tomorrow after work & give it & the cables a spray? Got any other idea's for me in the next 24hrs when I continue the assembly?
  8. hxr400

    08 sticky throttle while assembling! What do?

    Thank You!!!! Yep that makes sense about the first photo, but the second one.... Inside the carby? Its a bit dirty, looks like it'd live somewhere outside the carby if its stained with dirt?
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    08 sticky throttle while assembling! What do?

    Horray!! She Runs!!.... But still a couple bits & pieces i don't know where they go.... As in above posts.
  10. hxr400

    08 sticky throttle while assembling! What do?

    Ohhh, I found the diagrams of where all the hoses go in the WS manual. 1-32. But still havnt worked out where those couple things go...
  11. hxr400

    08 sticky throttle while assembling! What do?

    Thanks for the info guys! I cleaned out the throttle assembly with CRC & sprayed the cables. & aligned the cables better. Now it springs back allot better. Another couple things, Ive got the carby back it but am a bit lost with a couple little things. It doesn't say anything about plugging up all the carby hoses & it takes a while to work out where everything goes back. Can anyone tell me where these go? I might work it out as I go further but just in case i dont, thought I'd ask.... Where Im up to: Ignore the Triumph logo, my feature wall.
  12. hxr400

    08 sticky throttle while assembling! What do?

    Cool, thanks guys for the idea's. i will give them a go! Havnt had a chance to continue with it yet but hopefully It frees up.
  13. I have an 08 450x, done over 100 hours, 50 hours since Ive owned it. I'm having trouble with an inlet valve. Couple months ago I checked the shim tappets & found one of the inlets was completely closed up. I was having allot of trouble with starting it. So I got them set spot on. Now only about 10hrs of riding later its very hard to start again. I tried just now to go for one last spin but the bastard wont start at all. I know the cause of this, the titanium inlet valves pulling & closing up the valve stem clearance. Ive also heard the go is to replace them with Stainless valves. So I went to the local Honda dealer yesterday & talked to the guy there & he said that rite now my only problem is pulled inlet valves but if I replace with stainless I might it cause damage/pounded valve seats. I should really get new valve seats to suit the SS valves too. What are your thoughts on that? Those of you who have simply replaced your OEM inlet valves with SS valves, have you had any more future trouble? Should I just order a pair of SS inlets & a head gasket & do it myself? Or should I send it to a specialist in Australia & get it ported & polished & get them to replace the valves with what ever they recommend? Havnt found anyone yet, gona a look in a bike magazine for cylinder head work adverts. Anyone in Australia recommend where I should get the head work done? My experience: Dad's a mechanic & I'm a Machinist/fitter of 7 years & ex-cylinder head re-conditioner, have a workshop manual, fully capable of doing my myself. But may be worth getting the Pro's to do it? Thought? Cheers, Paul.
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    What do you recommend I do with my Inlet Valves?

    Oh, ok? Bugger. But what is this faction intake kit from rocky you speak of?
  15. hxr400

    What do you recommend I do with my Inlet Valves?

    Ok I know who Im sending the head to now. I spoke to me mate Izzy from Suspensions R Us & he highly recommended I send the head to Wideline Motorcycle Engineering (Harry bell) on 03 5975 9522 - http://www.widelinemce.com.au/index.htm I havnt got a price yet. But that doesn't matter, It'll be done properly. I'll rip the head off today & send it to him this week.
  16. hxr400

    What do you recommend I do with my Inlet Valves?

    Cool thanks mate. That's what I'll do then.
  17. Hi People, Im thinking about buying another bike. ATM Ive got an 08 Triumph Tiger 1050. I love it & its the best bike ever & all BUT Its a street bike, it doesn't go off road. I need something else...... Also, Im 27 yrs old & about 78kg's (172lb), Not sure if that's relevant. I really love the Tiger on the road, but I'm starting to miss my old XR440 I used to have a couple bikes ago. I used to love going for long rides & seeing a dirt road & going for a cut up sesh off road, then continue on road. I miss that, Cause I cant do that with the Tiger. ..... But i still love it. I'm not looking to do long distance road rides on the dirt bike I might get, because that's what the Tiger is for! But I do want the X so its road registrable, So I can ride it on the road down to the beach or out to the bush. But honestly, I probly will ride it on the road, quite a bit actually. But I'll be afraid of blowing the gearbox up from it though! Isnt that what the yellow sticker on the rear fender is about? Don't ride in on the road too much or you'll bow the gear box up? I cant understand how the Super Moto CRF's guys get away with it!?? & Im no fast MotoX rider. I like to ride off road, But Not TOO fast! I don't want to break my wrist again! Call me a Trail rider, not a motox racer. That's why I had an XR, trail bike...... I like gravel roads mainly. But some boggy sand is ok. I definitely don't need the power of a CRF450. My Brother has an 08 XR250L. You know, the good looking one that looks like a CRF? But still has the old reliable XR 250 engine withe electric start. He really wants me to get one of these or an XR so we can ride together. Ive ridden that off road & it goes pretty good! I like it. Definitely feels like it goes better off road, its a guttless wonder on road! Obviously the CRF250x will have quite allot more power than the XR. I think the 250 would suit me well. But am I looking at a bike that is too MotoX for me? Am I out of my league? Am i more suited to another XR400 or XR250? The CRF is a high performance MotoX bike! The reason why I'd prefer the CRF is because of the Suspension. If Im going to get another off road bike, I want the suspension to be top notch. That's what frustrated me on my XR. The suspension was pretty crap. & the Weight of the CRF too! The XR's are too heavy. Ive always liked Honda, always had Honda off roader's, I don't want any other make. CRF/XR or nothing. I think my main question is, Is the CRF250X reliable enough? I have no trouble with regular oil changes, as we do all our own mechanical work at home. Im used to the bullet proof XR's. I don't want to get one & find out the bloody gearbox blows because it doesnt handle on the road rides, Or the piston is thin, it wares out in no time. Or something dies.... Are they unreliable? I was searching youtube for bike reviews & one of the comments was the following: My 2007 crf250x has been nothing more than an unreliable nightmare,i am a qualified motor mechanic and 35 yo trail rider not racer,firstly lets praise the bikes handling its great and the steering bike is quite comfortable and steering it through the bush is great,however the reliabilty is not great its almost laughable,valves well i dont really care about the valve issues its an easy fix,but 3 gearbox rebuilds ,2 stators,i countershaft stripped,2 camshafts,5 piston kits and 2 timing chains When I hear that, it makes me want to forget about getting one & find an XR instead. Does the X part make it anymore reliable? Its a de-tuned CRF250R isnt it? The X is slightly de-tuned to make it more reliable? What do you recommend I do? CRF250X? Or XR? CHEERS!! Paul.
  18. hxr400

    CRF 450X...... Wow!!!

    Hi, I recently just posted a question about the CRF 250X if the appropriate forum. I asked if it would be suited to me as I was thinking of buying one. Thinking of getting an 08 CRF250X. Reliable enough? Rite for me? ATM Ive also got a 2008 Triumph Tiger 1050. I love it, best bike ever. But its a road bike. Not off road at all!.... I actually took the Tiger off road a couple weeks ago. Went through a little bit of boggy sand & shit myself! It felt terrible! So I quickly got the hell outa there!.... That kinda made me sad. I miss my XR.... So instead of more questions on the forum, I went to the local Honda shop & had a look. They only had a brand new 250x there, I don't want a new one.... BUT, they did have a 2nd hand 2008 CRF450x! For very cheap too! $7700AUD - $6877USD. I was talking to them about what I was after. & they pretty much convinced me that I would be better off with the 450. With a larger engine, it has more torque to get you through boggy sand & that makes it easier to ride than the 250. & Having more power I dont have to rev it as hard to get the same results. So the engine should last longer! & For what I'm capable of I will just putt around compared to a motox racer! They said it was fine to take it for a ride. Ive Never ridden a motox bike before. Im used to how an XR handles (I had a XR440 for several years a while ago)....... OMG!!! THAT THING IS AMAZING!!!! I took it for about a 2 hour ride. Went trail riding with my Brother, he was on his XR250. That was Fun! Then we headed down the beach..... ****!!! WOW!!! I Have NEVER ridden a Bike that handles SO WELL on boggy sand before!!! It just glided through it like it wasnt there!! On my XR440 I used to HATE boggy sand. It made me scared. I only ever took the XR on the beach a couple times & thought na stuff that. Too much like hard work. I'd rather stick to gravel roads. But this CRF, I cant get over it! It fanged along the boggy beach sand like a dream & then I rode straight up the sand dunes! IT WAS SO EASY!!! It's like it floats the front wheel just on the sand surface, where was the XR's front wheel gets bogged in the sand & feels terrible! Like your going to come off all the time. & the CRF gets speed up quick! When the XR just bogs down in the sand & goes slow. I So Freaken LOVED IT! It blew me away how good it was. I think I'll have to buy it!! But in no way is this bike to replace the Tiger! Its an addition, not replacement. The Tiger is BRILLIANT on the road & Shit off road! The CRF is terrible on the road & BRILLIANT off road!! I will have the best of both worlds! Here's a photo of it.
  19. I fitted an IMS 3.2gal long range tank to me 450x a few months ago. Its great! Ive only filled it up a couple times. But Im finding the reserve is too large? I thought I'd get a bit further before I need to change it to reserve. & It just seems like a bit of a waste, cause when I hit reserve I usually go fill it up straight away. But it looks like there is still a heap of fuel in the bottom of the tank. Has anyone modified the reserve spout filter thingy inside the tank to run lower to reserve? Possible? or not? Cheers, Paul.
  20. OHHHH Wow! What a Damn good Idea!! Cheers mate!! I will now do that too!
  21. Im just about to get an hour meter installed on my new to me 08 450x before I pick it up. I think I'd better. I was told I should change the oil in the engine every 500km's - 310 miles. & change the oil in the gear box every 1000km's - 610 miles. What do you think about that? I think I'd prefer to change the oil by hours not km's. Because most of the time it will be at low speed but highish revs. The Odometer is kinda irrelevant really. I'm no moto x rider. More like a trail rider. If i was to service it via the hour meter, how often should I change the oil in both? Every 10 hours for the engine? & 20 for the gearbox? That's what the parts guy at the dealer said he does on his moto x 450. But for me as a trail rider maybe I should not do it so often? & those of you who have installed an hour meter. Where is a good place to mount it? Cheers!!!
  22. hxr400

    Just picked up an 08 today what do you guys think?

    Serious!?? Na way! Stuff that! Why would you want to do that to an 2008 model!? If the bike runs fine, goes hard, just Ride it! Dont fix it if its not broken. If any problems arise, then look into it. & Pica, WOW..... 476 posts in one month since you joined!!? Wow..... You've nearly caught up to me & Ive been on for 6 years... Ok I wont say what Im thinking........
  23. hxr400

    Will CRF450X motor fit a '05 CRF250R Chassis?

    I agree, of course it wont fit, its a different engine. & no I know this not from experience with these exact bikes, but from experience with other bikes & engines & comon sence. You asking if the 450x engine will bolt straight into & fit perfectly with out modifying the 250R fame in any way..... Of course it wont! They are completly different bikes! You would be suprised how completly different the CRF450X & the CRF450R are to each other, let alone how different the 250R would be. Yes what you are trying to do could be done. But only by an experienced fabricator/welder/engineer/Machinist ect.... Good luck.
  24. hxr400

    the dreaded oil change...

    Good idea mate. I tried this trick last service. But it was way too slow to drain. So I just let it get a bit on my bash plate. & cleaned it up. Definitely no need to remove the bash plate.
  25. hxr400

    Just picked up an 08 today what do you guys think?

    Oh sweet mate! looks good. But one thing I dont understand is, if its got low hours, why did it need a new piston?