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  1. I took my brothers 07 XR250L out for a spin today, Damn its SOOO much better now! We just got the suspension back from these guys - www.suspensionsrus.com.au They re-sprung, valved & shimmed the forks & shock to our weight. Before this bike was barley ride-able off road, terrible suspension. Contentiously stacking it all the time, because it handled like a brick. But NOW!! Its Sooo nice! The suspension actually WORKS! Its pretty soft & plush compared to my 450X, but it just soaks up everything & goes anywhere now! Just like my CRF450X does too! So for all you guys riding XR's with stock suspension, I HIGHLY recommend getting you suspension re-sprung, valved & shimmed to your weight. I used to own an 03 XR400, I didnt ride it on the beach or dunes much because its handled so badly, I mainly only rode on hard packed gravel roads. I now so wish I had of done the same to my XR suspension.... For the 250L, now we just got to get it breathing better. Need a foam filter & new Muffler. Buckrun has me sorted for a new XR400R OEM muffler. But Im just having a bit of trouble finding a foam filter for it. Twinair hopefully. Here's some photo's from today.
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    Thank you lord

    I agree, my thoughts exactly.
  3. hxr400

    Its Back ......

    Yep, you took the words out of my mouth.
  4. hxr400

    Its Back ......

    I'd wait 24 hours or so. See what happens. Hopefully all the posts from the last 2 months return. If not, its a bloody joke. They should of given us an ultimatum.
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    Shipped my 450X to Spain!

    Yep it sure has. All posts since the 14/4/10 are gone. 2 whole months of posts threads & photo's..... GONE!! Its Really sucks.
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    expensive lesson

    & same with all of them.....
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    Its Back ......

    Na man, it looks like all posts from the last 2 months are missing. Gone forever I would suspect.... But I hope not. All posts & threads missing since the 14/4/10. My whole 5 page thread about my bike & photo's & everything is gone. Kinda sucks really. They should of just left it & let everyone get used to it.
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    Its Back ......

    Ok I guess. But I was starting to like the new version....
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    Why don't you guys have Service Manuals?

    Where is the best place to get one? eBay?
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    Why don't you guys have Service Manuals?

    Na mate, we get an Owners Manual. Not a Service Manual. Its the same owners manual as everyone else in the world gets.
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    the dreaded oil change...

    Oh sweet! What a good idea! I haven't changed the gearbox oil yet. Ive only just hit 10 hours. I changed the engine oil today. I'll try this trick when I hit 20 hours & change the filter also.
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    CRF 450X...... Wow!!!

    Here's some photo's for you. My lovely Triumph Tiger 1050 that I rode across Australia. My first bike. My next bike. & now the Perfect combination!! DAMN I LOVE THIS NEW BIKE!!!
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    Have we really made progress?

    Yea? Wow sweet! So just upgrading the suspension has made a hell of a difference hey? How does it go in boggy sand? Bit wobly like its too front heavy still? Or it cuts through it like a knife like the 450X does? I guess that answers my question.
  14. Sweet mate! That's where I put it!
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    CRF 450X...... Wow!!!

    & she's MINE!!! I just picked her up from the dealer a few hours ago after work. They had it all nice & clean for me... So I quickly went & dirtied it again! Went for an hour ride or more. Trail riding out the back bush & then down to the Dunes & beach. Man, I still cant get over how well this bike handles!! Its just SO GOOD!!!!! I got home & parked her in my Kitchen! One thing, when I parked her up I went to lock the steering.... ?? Ahh, how do I do that? I couldnt find a lock on the steering head. & Im pretty sure the ignition key doesnt lock it. How do you lock it? Cheers!
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    Have we really made progress?

    OH!! That is one NICE XR400!!!! The forks look very nice! & What do you mean no photo's?? I have HEAPS of photo's of my XR400! Or do you mean where are the photo's of my 450X?... Well there arnt any yet because I only Just picked her up from the dealer Today at 4.30pm! 3 hours ago to be precise! I took her for a 1.5 hour spin through some tracks & the Dunes after work. MAN that thing is FUN!! Have fun with the bikes!
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    Have we really made progress?

    Hey Johnny, Yea I read your thread about you wanting an XR400. Good idea for the long rides. The engine is bullet proof & goes well. Its a good bike, I loved mine!! (as you may be able to tell from all the photo's of it in my Garage!) But I just cant get over the handling improvement on the CRF! Its Awesome! You might want to upgrade the suspension on the XR.... I think you mentioned that.... & you know they don't handle too well in the boggy dirt don't you? I didn't do much with my XR4 Suspension, but I did put a 440 kit & cam in it. For an XR4, It hauled ass! Good luck with that mate. Paul.
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    Have we really made progress?

    This thread was also very interesting to me. Having come from an XR400 years ago, thats what Im used to. Only 2 days to go till I get my new 450x! & Im very happy you all hold it in such high regard!! I cant wait!!
  19. In Oz, the X comes with a nice big digital speedo/odometer! Its got all the info on it that any street bike would have. Even a lap timer! What do youse get? Just an analog Odometer?.... Oh weak.
  20. Yep ok thanks guys I will definitely get an hour meter fitted. But, how many hours before a service? 10?
  21. Ive long time been a Unifilter fan. & was just about to buy one of these kits for my 450X (Which Im picking up from the dealer next Wednesday. Cant Wait!) PROCOMP2 Combo Packs Ive had a look at the Twin Air filters, but I still think the Uni's are the best. But! What about the stock air filter!? Should I even change it? Maybe the stock is very good!? I don't know yet. What do you recommend? Cheers. Paul.
  22. Thanks for all the reply's! Looks like I don't need to order a UNIfilter after all! The Stock filter will do! Thanks guys! You just saved me $120.
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    CRF 450X...... Wow!!!

    Yea? Ok it must be my wrong technique. When I do it, it definitely doesn't want to stand up. It just spins the tire & it accelerates. Do I need to stand up?
  24. hxr400

    Colored rims on your x

    The Black rims do look awesome! Allot better that Silver. Looks mean!
  25. hxr400

    CRF450X vs. CRF250X

    I went to the local honda shop last week to look at buying a 250x. & thats pretty much exaclty what they told me. Dont get the 250 because you'll always be ringing its little neck for more power & it doesnt have enough torque to get through boggy sand. Where as the 450 has the balls to do it all & you dont have to thrash it! Just cruise & it gets through it all! Cuse its got the power! They had a very nice 08 450X in the yard, So I took it for a ride. It was the best & most fun demo ride of my life! So I'm buying it!