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  1. socalhodaka

    Pic's of your little one's!

    My son Aiden at Superstition Mt Southern California over Thanksgiving.
  2. socalhodaka

    2004 Polini x3

    Hi, we are ready to make the jump from the Honda XR50 to a full racing two stroke. I have been watching the adds and always a KTM listed. This Polini came up close to my place here in San Diego. So a couple question, 1st is there any shop support anywhere? and also part support. Thanks
  3. socalhodaka

    Hodaka Restore

    It helps with the bottom end. Same idea as the extra chamber on this KTM pipe. With the modified headers including chamber you get more power at lower rpms . Positive result of the additional chamber is also the lower noise, approximatly 1 decibel.
  4. socalhodaka

    Hodaka Restore

    It is a 100cc but no way would it compete in the 100cc class, this is the 100cc I race.
  5. socalhodaka

    get the look at the track?

    Happens all the time when I show up with my 100cc Super Rat. And then the eyes pop out of there head when they see this guy on his 100cc Super Rat That's me on the left and Tomahawk on the right, oh the only reason Im in front is he is helping me with technique otherwise I would be eating dust. This was at Perris Raceway. Even though he raced on the big factory team's, he still loves his roots. If you see us at the track stop and say hi.
  6. socalhodaka

    Hodaka Restore

    Now the parts will be dropped of at the plating shop. Now rebuild the clutch. I was able to get the motor together and ready to go into the bike. So first my friend Greg made me this nice engine assembly block, with the holes I can lay the engine down on either side and all the shafts will go into the hole and give me a good steady work platform. Of course all new seals and bearings and rebuilt crank. Bottom is sealed up and ready. Its so nice to have new hardware. I was able to source new NOS parts for 95% of this project. Here is a example, the right side case in the bag with factory number as a dealer would of got it from PABATCO Electrics and drive on. Complete and ready to place in the bike. Somehow I just notice I missed the whole assembly of the roller. As you can see I changed to blue. Since I took this photo I was not happy with the seat and have had it reworked. Before and Now Done.
  7. socalhodaka

    Hodaka Restore

    Ok its really a Steen, one of the many off brand bikes that used a Hodaka motor. If you find a fully complete bike your good but alot of times you need two bikes to start. Here are the starters, one good roller with a very complete motor and most of the hardware. Then another batch of good parts. Some powder coat, NOS wheels,tank,fenders,and a few other parts done. Start on the motor. Believe it or not but this is a common thing with Hodaka's. One small issue like poor carb adjustment, points and in the case of this motor the shifter was not greased or needed a small adjustment. The bike was probably shifting poor and the young kid just started hammering the shifter and just pounded up the shifter ball. The bike would not shift so throw it on the side of the house for 30 years until I come along. Here is a good ball on the left and the hammered one one the right, the bike will not shift with this part. Here is the shift assembly apart with new ball and springs. The other combo in a good shifting Hodaka is the side case shift lever, this make folks shiver. Hodaka's have a bad rep for shifting and for no reason but poor maintenance. Pull the cover apart and clean the muck out. No that little lever you see in the little window is wear the final adjustment is made. Here we took a old center case and milled some off so we can put the whole shift assembly together and adjust the whole thing before assembly. Oh yuck. It must come all apart. I forgot to take many photos of cleaning the carb. On some of the racers I would just bead blast it all and then soak it, the problem with that would be a very flat looking finish on the metal instead of the cast finish. So I just really let it soak. Put back together with some new parts. I love the blast cabinet. For the cases the centers should have the natural cast look and the outside are painted. Like I said with the carb after blasting they have a flat mat look. So the center will be deburring and this will give it more of a out of the cast look. Find a deburring shop. All the hardware must be taken off and zinc plated. Some of the pieces were missing so we had to buy new bolts, new ones don't match old ones because of the markings on top. That must come off. Off with the marking and blasted to get of plating to get new plating.
  8. Way to go and stick with it on your repair, this is good for a 16 yr old. It would have been easy I guess to take it to a shop and pay for the repair as was suggested somewhere along the line. Heck I would bet most Yamaha shops would have just said your screwed and had you by a new case. So again, good for you.
  9. Right, it has nothing to do with the repair Corey has. My bad. It is a prevent measure as you outlined in your past post. I'm totally new to the modern 4 stoke type bike, my screen name tells that right. Hodaka. I will make sure I pick the right thread next time before I post as not to confuse anyone. I guess my excitement of getting a newer bike got the best of me, and after reading all the post I could on what I could do to this bike things started to get blurred with my judgment. Never did I say I had a better method then what you outlined, and yes I did have a tap and screw as well as a jacked up case from a blown up bike on hand, I didn't have a ball bearing from a bicycle shop floating around. Wow you kinda deflated my whole excitement of participating on the forum after the warm welcome and suggestions that where reply to me on my opening post on my new 2000 YZ426f. Corey, please forgive me for this mini hijack of your post. I felt like I got it from the dad or something. Grayracer I'm fully sorry for my posting. But I never said it was better. Thanks.
  10. Now that I just got a 2000 YZ426 and reading all the mod threads about what I will need to do, I tried this. I had a old side case from a blown up 450f and wanted to check the angle for a tap to fix the metal shaving problem on the bolt threads. It took about 5min to do. A 5/32 tap fit right in no problems, set screw right in. This was very easy and think it should work out fine.
  11. socalhodaka

    What do you think?00-426

    Let it rip
  12. socalhodaka

    What do you think?00-426

    Hey everyone, thanks for the reply s. Ok so I'm going to hold onto as many as these 450 parts I have for now. Here is why I have the parts, I do part time work at a small Harley Performance shop. I do the oil changes, tires and some help on the dyno. The owners step son just toasted his 450, the owner really knows nothing but Harleys. Short story is they asked me to part it because I ride dirt bikes. So I get what I want from it first, I now I just got the 426 I think I want a bunch of it. Here is the parts. One valve was bent, I don't remember which one but the exhaust cam looked good. So I think this will be my first mod.
  13. socalhodaka

    What do you think?00-426

    OK guys thanks for the info. I did buy the bike for $1200. Both fork and shock has been fully serviced by Pro-Prept. I have read about the swapping of all the plastics and want to know about the carb, +or-. Also I do have the 04 450 front triples and forks but not the wheel or brake set up, would this be a good swap? Yea and what about the coil set-up? You say I can swap that too. We ride at Pala Raceway.