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  1. madchild

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    A couple of 17's on 17's Mine is a 450excf SixDays, and my buddy with a 690
  2. madchild

    2017 450 exc sixdays fork settings??

    What do you mean by unbalanced?
  3. madchild

    2017 exc 450 six days

    Did he call you back?
  4. madchild

    2017 exc 450 six days

    Call Dave at A&E, I bet he'll flash your ECU if you ship it there.
  5. madchild

    2017 exc 450 six days

    Where in Canada are you? A&E Racing (a KTM dealer) still flashes maps.
  6. madchild

    2017 exc 450 six days

    I would bet that most, if not all of us, rode them before making changes.... [emoji849]
  7. madchild

    2017 exc 450 six days

    I had mine properly desmogged, euro comp map installed, and the junk pulled out of the exhaust. Totally different bike, and runs fantastic.
  8. I'm not sure if this is a serious thread or if the OP is trolling. I'm thinking the latter.
  9. Unfortunately they are very choked up by emissions required by EPA. Once desmogged and euro map installed, you'll be very happy.
  10. You haven't looked very hard... http://www.ktm-parts.com/26340-60001.html For graphics, there's literally hundreds of companies that can do graphics, but I recommend Motocal and design your own.
  11. My first suggestion would be getting the wiring diagram for the bikes euro and us versions and compare the wiring differences in relation to the switch.
  12. I'd recommend talking to a dealer/ ktm service center then.
  13. On 17's they have a 22mm front axle, so you'll need new spacers or use the spacers off the stock wheels on the Supermoto wheels