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  1. motorboy

    Any news of 2015 Model?

    Since dualsport bikes are a very small market I would be shocked if Honda did any upgrades to the 2015CRF look at the Xl650 same bike for 20+ years but I would like to be wrong on this one
  2. motorboy

    Upgraded from the CRFL to KTM

    I know I'm going to get some flack over this but here goes.I guess I have been doing this to long(50 years) and some times I don't get what people are trying to do like the guys that buy Honda Rebels and get upset because they can't cruise 90mph or why can't my Shadow 750 pull a trailer good BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT THE WRONG BIKE now we have the CRF250L I like mine just fine with a little gearing 13-42 riding dirt roads ok city riding ok anything else get a better bike what I don't get at all is spending a boat load of money trying to make it something it's not and never will be trying to change the way the bike is designed example bore it out for more power now the bottom end is not as strong transmisson not desiged for more power put big dirt tires to get grip now frame is weak and so on - right tool for the right job- KTM is a narrow market but what they are designed to do they do very well.No amount of money thrown at the CRFL is going to make it as good as the KTM If you must have a Honda back engineer a CRF250X slap a Baja light kit on it Ok lets hear it
  3. motorboy

    Quoted $5,800 OTD for a 2014 CRF250L

    Any one from the South check the classified CRF for sale
  4. After trying all ratio 13-40 13-42 14-40 back to 13-42 for good and a speed DRD push a button and speedometer back to correct.
  5. motorboy

    Safe rpm for extended times

    I think this horse has been beat to death, the short answer is it's up to engine design period..........
  6. I vote tight spot in the chain
  7. motorboy

    Safe rpm for extended times

    What he said, on mine 13-40-- 13-42 same mileage 73mpg and that is with the speedo corrected.
  8. motorboy

    Safe rpm for extended times

    Way back in the day say 1978 Suzuki was having a problem on the GS 750-1000 burning up stators they found that 20-50w held the heat in and raised the oil temp by up to 50 degrees(350 degrees) over 10-40w and that was on an air cooled engine on our little water cooled 250's it would be hard for the oil temp to get above 220F I would rethink the heavy oil thing maybe a 10-40 but no higher
  9. motorboy

    My 13t experience

  10. motorboy

    My 13t experience

    I see someone has put up the Gear commander chart that's what I go by.
  11. motorboy

    My 13t experience

    You got to have some thing not right with your bike to only get 70mph with the 13T.It's a shame these bikes don't have a tack because you should be able to pull 8500 rpm's in 6th easy about 80mph somethings not right
  12. What I did to clean up the rear end was to remove the license plate bracket and that stupid license plate light take the reflector off the bottom bracket and bolt it to the rear fender where the light was- as it is over seas- and bolt the plate right to the fender much better
  13. motorboy

    CRF250 desplacement mods> CBR300?

    Honda never did sell to the public or give a full engine under warranty they will give every part for a rebuild but not complete engines goes back to 1964 for me and if engine cases were needed as in the 1969 CB750 chain break issue you would restamp the engine number and Honda would pick up the old cases only time I saw write off whole good engines were the CBX 6 frame issue you cut off the frame serial number send that in and keep the rest.
  14. motorboy

    High Speed Wobbles – CRF250L

    Before you get all crazy trying to figure it out take off the front fender and try it worked for me replaced with a white motard fender-- FIXED
  15. motorboy

    My 13t experience

    Thats also what I think and if I never went over 55mph I would leave the 42T on the rear but a little too high RPM's for me so 13/40 combo works for me.