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  1. By "exhaust valves", do you mean the power valve? An RM125 doesn't have valves. I had an '01 RM125 a few years ago, and the stock TMX carb was a pain in the ass to jet right. I'd recommend cleaning the carb really well and freshening up the internals, then setting float height. Also make sure the choke knob isn't hanging up in the "on" position, mine would get stuck sometimes. Have you checked your crank seals? Also-that bike specs a stupid expensive plug. You can probably use a cheaper one than the specified plug, but change it very often. The plug Suzuki recommended for the 125 was beefed up to avoid breaking off the electrode. Normal plugs will allegedly break in the cylinder.
  2. When you're ready for someone to take it out and crash the shit out of it, I'm yer guy Dawg.
  3. If changing the gearbox oil had a negative effect on the crankshaft on a YZ, you've got big problems. Trans oil doesn't see the crank if the bike is tight.
  4. Drill the plug out and tweak it. Better yet-pull the snorkel off the top of the airbox, go up to 138 main/38 pilot jets, then adjust the mixture screw under the brass plug. It becomes a different bike. They're jetted very lean stock. I have a 2012 TTR230 that I ride when I'm feeling lazy. Mine is an all-day third gear tractor after these tweaks.
  5. Been raining hard for two solid days down here. Interlake will literally be a lake.
  6. Gotcha. Obviously, I've never been there either. Have fun!
  7. I'll be watching the weather when I get up in the morning. May go Sunday early if it's nasty tomorrow. I thought Redbird was closed??
  8. If I can find time to change and bleed my front caliper before Saturday, I'll be up there. I'll try to give you a heads up Friday if I get it done.
  9. I use the top out of one of my jack stands.
  10. My wife's Apollo has been crashed and/or dropped countless times. Aside from a bent shifter, it's been tough. Starts in a few kicks no matter how long it sits. Runs great. It was $800 to our door brand-new three years ago. I keep it clean, lubed, adjusted-and it keeps going. No complaints here.
  11. If any of you guys head toward Interlake again, hit me up. I'm close, and ride there fairly regularly. I'm off every weekend except for the last Saturday of the month, and I know my way around Interlake pretty well. Also a fan of Redbird, can't wait until it reopens. Also-open to riding with anyone, for what it's worth-fast, slow, whatever. I'm not fast, I'm not slow...and I'm not an elitist. Just like to ride.
  12. I've had great results with the OKO carbs. Cheap, pretty well made. But they all need to be jetted for the bike. No way around it.
  13. I didn't make it, realized my front brake caliper was seized when I was loading the truck. Hopefully catch ya next time.
  14. I'm loading up now-I should be there by noon. I'll be in a beater old black Dakota, and riding a white 2002 CR250.
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