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  1. Atlasrider

    Evel Knievel Dies at 69

    No doubt about that, me too!! The images of him rag-dolling over the bars and down the ramp at Ceasers in slow motion is permenantly etched in to my memory. And who could forget his leathers or the wheelies he used to do before the jump! He always put on a show. Rest in Peace
  2. Atlasrider

    My Moab Plan comment letter...

    e-mail failed:thinking: Printed my letter and faxed it to the BLM feild office. 435-259-2106
  3. Atlasrider

    My Moab Plan comment letter...

    Sent mine and copied friends in other parts of the country that have been there. I think letters from out of state would also be important.
  4. Atlasrider

    Jardine Exhaust

    Not using a Jardine currently. But I know they have been aroud for along time. Ty Davis and team Zip-TY switched from Yoshimura to Jardine so they must make a Quality pipe/system.
  5. Atlasrider

    Yesterday's Ride Pic

    Looks like the horse corral at Delle. And it's not all flat.
  6. We had an awesome day riding as you can tell from the video, thanks YROC for posting so I could see myself ride. He has a lot more footage from that trip. Hopefully he'll find time to put some music to it in true NWS style. As for the guesses about where it was we were riding, one of you locals got it right. It is in Utah. Here's another hint, according to cory we gained nearly 2000' in elevation from where the film starts to here we stop at the end of the video. The camera lens just doesn't show what it really looks like. We also had a few big logs to cross that day that have not been cleared from the winter. We stopped and did trail maintainence in a couple of places, but we could have used a chainsaw. Can't wait till the next ride!
  7. Atlasrider

    Utah West Desert/I-80

    Delle is classic west desert type riding. The trails are generaly wider due to the amount of 4 wheelers that use the area, but there is singletrack that runs through the sage and skirts the lake beds, if you can find it. There are 2 passes over the cedar mtns. Hasting pass and Hastings cutoff. Both are shown on topos of the cedars. The cutoff is more of a wash/jeep trail. Way fun on a bike! The other is a dirt road. Once you are on the west side of the Cedars you have to go back north towards the highway and the radio tower. Thats where the sand trails start. There is a loop in the sand that is like a moto/Gp track. Whoops, jumps, hillclimbs and sand. Delle is an easy place to explore if you have a topo. You have good visual references to use so you dont get to lost. Keep track of your miles/gas or you'll have a long walk back. STAY OUT of the middle of the salt flats till summer unless you like cleaning wet alkalia cement off your machine.
  8. Atlasrider

    Rhino Ralley

    The 300 bike limit is filled! They already have a waiting list in case there are some no-shows.
  9. Atlasrider

    Acerbis Disk Guard

    I got a plastic disk gaurd for my 04 Wr450 FROM CYCRA. The fit is OK, but it was all I could find for the bike. However you might also try www.rockymountainatvmc.com, they sell the Acerbis,(I think?)
  10. Atlasrider

    Info. on trails near Strawberry Res.

    I can't help you much with the fishing part as far as the streams go. Most people fish the lake. Strawberry is one of my favorite places to ride from. We usually camp/park at Mud creek or Clyde creek and go up to the strawberry ridge from there. Once your on the ridge trail you can connect to several of the singletracks that drain into the Diamond fork area via 4th water, 5th water trails , then get on the great western trail 009 aka centerline trail. It would be best to download a USFS topo map so you know where to go. There are direction signs on the trails, but without a map you can get really lost. Good Luck
  11. Atlasrider

    Strawberry Singletrack Tour 7/8

    Never made it as far as Hobble creek. Everything else from Strawberry to Diamond Fork was awesome...I mean terrible,... yeah terrible. Trees roots, black dirt. It was really bad. Lots of cows on the trails, getting in the way. There was a very dead and bloated cow in the middle of the 3rd water trail, near 009. And the flys are realy bad this time of year We did 50 miles. Is it legal to ride 5th water past the hot springs? We did, I didn't see any signs one way or another.
  12. Atlasrider

    Strawberry Singletrack Tour 7/8

    It's probably closer for you utah county dudes to go to Hobble or diamond fork to start..... er, I mean to Five MILE pass. Yeah that's it, five mile pass, that's the place.
  13. We will be starting at Mud Creek around 10:30 - 11:00am saturday morning. Up to Strawberry ridge, south to 1st water ridge then north to 009, center line/great western trail, north past 3rd, 4th, 5th water and back. 40 mile loop. Mostly single track. Sorry for the short notice, probably not a good begginer/int. ride, if you like mtn singletrack and need some one to ride with this weekend, be there. silver chev pu w/2 yamahas. Mike
  14. Atlasrider

    Local mountain singletrack DAMAGED!

    I also don't have a lot of time off, but would make time to help. Before I moved to Utah I did some consulting to the forest service in VA., mainly for the building and maintainence of Mtb trails. Its not rocket science or even civil engineering. As mentioned earlier the water should be diverted up high and the ruts filled with rocks and dirt. Water bars should be used on hills to direct the water and hold the dirt. Once you guys decide on a weekend or even a week night post it and we can all meet to do the repairs. 4-5 guys can get a lot done in a short time.
  15. Anybody want to sell their stock, good condition muffler. Maybe you replaced your exhaust with an aftermarket and the factory can is just lying around collecting dust. Mine got crunched in the last USRA/AMA race. I think a factory YZ muffler will fit also if someones got one they would like to get rid of. PM me with a reasonable price, Thanks Mike @ Low Budget Racing