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    First Real Ride on XR400 (Long)

    GREAT read larry,,, im in the same boat as you,, ive just purchased a xr400 2002 model and im hanging to get it out in the dirt but i need a bit more gear,,A helmet for instance :-),, been up and down the backyard a few times but now im just drooling at the thought of hitting some dirt. Looking forward to reading more on your adventure Cheers Marty
  2. martymonster

    02 xr400 clicking sound?

    Thanks sooooo mutch guys,,,how do i disconnect the decompressor mash,, im really thinking thats what the problem is,,, its very hard to start too,,,its night and day with revs,it only takes about 20 rpm extra at idle and it goes away completly were as with a loose tappet im sure id still hear it at higher than just idle speed. Cheers Marty
  3. martymonster

    02 xr400 clicking sound?

    hi guys ive just bought a 2002 xr 400 with 2000 kms on the clock,, when i start it cold it clicks very loudly at idle when its still under its normal warmer idle operating speed , if i accel it a little say to 1500rpm it totally goes away and when it warms up a little it goes away all together,, is this something to do with the automatic decompressor sort of working because of the low idle speed or should i be more worried. Thanks in advance for any help,, cheers Marty
  4. martymonster

    HI, is 2002 xr400 a good bike

    HI PAUL/Fellow aussie,,,,cheers guys i purchased a 2002 last night,,not the one i originaly looked at this ones heaps better,,,has a procircuit t4 pipe,, afam bars,,bash plate,,and b,busters and has done 2000km with books, Couldnt beleive the torque it has after not riding for 8 years and my last bike being a 86 xr 250,,, lifted the front wheel real easy,,not sure how mutch difference the pc pipe makes but geez it has some balls. Hopfully i too can help someone out on this forum one day Thanks Marty
  5. martymonster

    xr400 smok,e when started

    Thanks alot guys,,,im so glad i found this forum. :-))
  6. martymonster

    xr400 smok,e when started

    Hey guys,,had a look at an 2002 xr400 tonight that im thinking of buying,,, when the guy started it it smoked a bit for about 30 seconds,,not alot but the bike is showing 2400km on the clock and i didnt really expect too see any smoke yet. Any ideas?? Thanks Marty
  7. martymonster

    HI, is 2002 xr400 a good bike

    Hi guys,,My names Marty and im a newbie:-) from australia Anyway ive been looking at buying a 2002 xr 400 and i was wondering what you guys thought of this model,,,is there anything i should be looking for in perticuler with this model and should a save some money and just buy an earlier model say a 98 / 97,,is there mutch difference. The bike has 2400 km on it Any help would be very mutch appreciated Thanks in advance