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  1. GoRide2

    Herlings Ducking AMA opportunities?

    Didn’t herlings go 1-1 on a borrowed bike at the 450 National he did? Last to first in moto 2 if I recall.
  2. GoRide2

    Marvin doesnt play backup rider

    Marvin came into this season majorly unprepared. I’d bet he finishes higher in the points than Webb because I think he’s generally been faster despite getting worse starts
  3. GoRide2

    What really happened to Emig?

    I think Ricky has been better than Jeff. He’s improved and will continue to improve. Emig chose to say nothing for 10 years in the booth making him a terrible color commentator.
  4. But all this parity is just being caused by offseason injuries. The pace is low right now. Webb is great and all but Anderson, Marvin, and Tomac were/are all dealing with stuff and when they overcome it, things will be back to business as usual (except for Anderson obviously because he KOd himself. He wasn’t as fast as the other two anyways)
  5. GoRide2

    It's Not The Bike

    The switch to Aldon is probably helping too #microdose
  6. GoRide2

    Yearly Reminder that JGR is garbage

    Any Questions?
  7. GoRide2

    Yearly Reminder that JGR is garbage

    Reed? James?
  8. GoRide2

    Glen Helen MX OFF the 2019 National Schedule?

    who does pulpmx work for?
  9. The results play out over and over again..... And idiots in the industry bro show used to run their mouths about motoconcepts. They probably still do.
  10. GoRide2

    Most overrated and underrated rider in AMA Supercross

    Dean Wilson? Are you &%$#@!ing kidding me? He's got fanboys like you wanking off to youtube videos when in reality he does absolutely nothing noteworthy. He doesn't show flashes of speed and when he tries to, he crashes.
  11. GoRide2

    Most overrated and underrated rider in AMA Supercross

    Dungey was overrated if anything. He got his shit pushed in by Villopoto in every title they competed in (except the 2011 outdoors which Reed should have won anyways) Both of them got lucky that Stewart didn't care about winning anymore and was riding that POS yamaha
  12. GoRide2


    I wouldn’t have taken you for a golden boy sympathizer. He sold his soul to the devil and lost out. I’m not going to feel sorry for a guy who has had it all for his entire career but hasn’t won a thing.
  13. GoRide2


    He's been in that class for 15 years.
  14. GoRide2

    I like dean BUT

    As a racer he is Broc Tickle at best without the consistency.
  15. GoRide2

    Factory Racer Horsepower

    Do you know what herlings runs? I think I heard his bike is a monster