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  1. SMITH201

    easton mx new hours

    The Doctor has spoken!
  2. SMITH201

    Not kiddin in Easton Md.

    Im not certain, but I think I may have been these pics from jcroutzahn on another thread on this forum
  3. SMITH201

    Easton MX aka The Landing and DMP

    I miss the way Dave ran that joint and the layout he had. Was sooo much fun! Does anyone have any contact info for Dave Segal? email or anything, just PM it to me if you can.
  4. SMITH201


    I hear ya jtiger12. That joint has just never been the same since Dave Segal left. I used to have soo much fun there and even enjoyed my 1 1/2 hr drive to get there. The few times I have gone over the last few years have just bummed me out. Just isnt the same anymore. Back in the day..
  5. SMITH201

    leatt graphics

    Yep, I got mine from 180 decals in 08. Decals on the lower front are gone due to replaced parts, but the ones on the pads are still on there good, even with washing it!
  6. SMITH201

    Leatt replacement parts?

    Contact Scott Littlejohn at Leatt. I had a real bad crash in 08 that broke the upper front and rear table as well at the lower front member! They will want you to send them the brace so it can be examined, which is a good thing for both you and them in thier research. I had all 3 parts replaced for about a $100 less than the cost of a brand new one.
  7. SMITH201

    Where's everyone going this weekend?

    Pretty much everything is open this weekend unless it rains. I heard Doublin Gap yesterday was good!
  8. SMITH201

    NEED HELP 2001 Daytona Supercross

    Post this on vitalmx.com, Im sure someone over there has a link for ya.
  9. SMITH201

    I can't stand FLO

  10. SMITH201

    I can't stand FLO

    "More like a 900 V-Twin" "Well...Your excused" "DISCOUNT!" "Its an office party!" Tacos? "YESSSSS!"
  11. SMITH201

    350cc? Mike Alessi?

    Who cares about Alessi? I'm scoring one and just hoping its the perfect bike for me! The 250 wasnt enough power and required a lot of maintenance. The 450 for me is just a little too much I think and can get you into a whole lotta trouble! Me and my freinds have been syaing for years that if they made a 350 that it would be perfect. I cant wait!!
  12. GO NATIONAL! I cant stand idiots that sue tracks for getting hurt. Its a dangerous sport and sh!t happens, but dont go and ruin it for the rest of us just because you cant afford your medical bills.
  13. Just curious, how did you end up in Cambodia? Do they have tracks there? What are they like?
  14. SMITH201

    Breaking Twinwalls

    If you swear by Renthals, then switch to the Renthal Fatbars. Thats what I run.Oh and try to be a little more careful out there before you start spending more money on medical bills rather than bike repairs.
  15. SMITH201

    Delmarva Motorsports Park

    AND ME!!