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  1. drewpeacock

    wr 450 reliable for road miles?

    Djv5, I saw a wr at Fontana Village early summer with Michigan tags. I think it was the week of the fz sv rally. That you? BTW, nice bikes.
  2. drewpeacock

    Overheating Exhaust

    How many first post over the years have been about the glowing header? It is normal, my friend.
  3. drewpeacock

    How Heavy Are You?

    Time for a DRZ?
  4. drewpeacock

    Back On 2 Wheels...Woohoo!!!

    Clark, good to see your back in action!
  5. drewpeacock

    Wife Bike?

    For my wife we've bought her a new ttr250 and she hated that pig so we bought her a yz 250f which she likes but hard for her in technical section. Then we got her a kx 100, we put heavier springs on both ends and pro taper FMX (tall) bars with the moose bar adapter (must do mods). She loves that bike now. It's super light and she can take it about anywhere and can stand and start her bike without using a rock to stand on or a tree to lean against.
  6. drewpeacock

    More Ice!!!

    Love to see you smoke the guys!
  7. From my experience with the 04 I had to get stiffer springs on both ends and valved like a yz for me to be happy. I hated to spend the money but was very happy once it was done.
  8. drewpeacock

    Just as I had suspected!!!! (TPS Must Read!!)

    Looky here Scotty, thinking outside of the box will get you in deep trouble some places, but not here! Good find. BTW, I can't wait to see how f'ed up the FI will be on the WR to meet EPA standards. We'll be dealing with AIS TPS MAPS and probably a few other tricks to fix the EPA restritions. It's gonna take a lot of thinking outside of the box to get it to run.
  9. drewpeacock

    grease dripping from steering tube

    Did you regrease bearings lately? I was just reading about grease compatability the other day as it was discussed at length on another forum. http://www.dansmc.com/grease.htm
  10. I really like these. https://www.powerpegz.com/images/animation_small.gif Everyone who has ridden my bike have commented on how much they like them.
  11. drewpeacock

    Decomp Lever?

    You will be able to just kick start it like a 2stroke. No finding TDC, pulling the decopression lever and kick a little further, let off the lever and kick. Basically I believe the new cam holds the exhaust valves open for a tad longer so you won't need the decopression lever.
  12. drewpeacock

    Decomp Lever?

    I had a trusted local shop put a 03 cam in the wifes 250f and it made a world of difference.It now starts easier and it's nice not having to do the decomprssion ritual you have to go through to get the bike started. Well worth the $160.00 for the cam and install.
  13. drewpeacock

    BARR Vibrations!!!!

    I recently filled the inside of my street bike bars with lead shot and will soon add it to my wr bars after feeling how much it dampened the vibration. I would estimate that it took a quarter cup to fill so it couldn't have weight too much.
  14. drewpeacock

    fastway footpegs