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  1. hey guys trying to decide between a gps or a trailtech type computer for my 04 wr450. i just want basic information but would like to be able to watch average speed while riding. can you do this with a trailtech computer or do you have to be stopped to see your average speed. any advantages or disadvantages to either of them? THANKS
  2. kconwr

    wr450 general info needed

    thanks for the heads up, turkey creek enduro is in the new paris indiana area, north-central indiana 10-31.
  3. kconwr

    turkey creek enduro

    hey guys going to ride in turkey creek enduro, first enduro, wondering about what to expect i.e. starting procedure, scoring process, course length and expected terrain, any special bike prep needed, (i'm on a wr 450) just what to expect in general. anyone been there?
  4. kconwr

    turkey creek enduro

    hey guys I'm planning on riding in the turky creek enduro, but have not ridden in an enduro before, wondering what to expect and exactly how an enduro works, starting procedure, scoring process, total miles, expected course conditions, any special bike prep,(i'm on a wr 450), what to expect in general? Just going to have fun and try to finish but would enjoy knowing whats going on. anybody been there?
  5. hey guys first timer with a few questions o4 wr 450 just starting to do some hare scrambles with it,tight woods rocks,roots, and ruts. free mods done. love the bike but it seems to die a lot off throttle, just shuts off. any clues? also thinking about a gps unit for the bike can anyone recomend one? one more, thinking about riding in the turkey creek enduro but have have not been in an enduro event before. wondering exactly how it goes down i.e. starting procedure, scoring process, total miles,course conditions, all that good stuff. going just try to finish and have some fun but it would be cool to know whats happening. thanks