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  1. 21_XR400

    My custom graphics

    Nice graphics, you've got some skills
  2. 21_XR400


    Dude you're a idiot how old are you (or how much of a moron) to laugh at something tragic like that grow up. If that was someone you knew or you were the one in the car maybe you wouldn't be laughing. You should be ashamed bro and think about what you say before you say it
  3. 21_XR400

    scary video

    That is some weird that's all I can say.
  4. 21_XR400

    Post Ur So Cal City For Ride 4 Ride Hook Up!!

    Mission Viejo
  5. Four wheelers are for people who don't have the balls to ride on 2... Couldn't have said it any better my self I hate quads
  6. 21_XR400


    Knocked right out of his boots man I cringe just looking at that photo and that is why you should always wear protective gear not just shorts and a shirt
  7. 21_XR400

    MotoHawaii Rocks

    you're links are bad oh well at least the commentary was exciting
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by foxmotox321 Am I the only one who doesn't see a bike that matches up to this bike?!?!?! This has by far, my vote! I am never for Honda , but for looks, I think this has the poll taken out of anybodies control. Honda is the best the have the best bike you're a fool and besides those Kawasaki's look like
  9. 21_XR400

    Reno 911

    That show kicks ass and it's a parody of where you live you should be honored they picked a small town like that
  10. 21_XR400


    Mission Viejo
  11. 21_XR400

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    Mission Viejo, (Orange County)
  12. 21_XR400

    Well....Dustee lost his name

    Sic pics Woody, looks like a great place to ride maybe we'll have to hit it up someday
  13. 21_XR400

    Well....here it is!!

    I see you finally got the trials bike, good for you. Maybe when I come up I can take it for a test ride when it's not so hot that is Hope the big AZ is treating you well Later Bro
  14. 21_XR400

    Kennedy Meadows - some pics

    Sweet pics bet it was a great ride, wish I was there next time a helmet cam video would be awsome
  15. 21_XR400

    Stoddard Wells road ride on the 13th

    I would go but I can't do Saturday I have to work Sunday no that's another story oh well maybe next time