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  1. poocow


    fair enough
  2. poocow


    why do you feel the need to call me pooboy ? Rules for us and them hey
  3. poocow


    Look a the results clown , you will find him on the podium at buds creek last year
  4. poocow

    chad reed SUZUKI???? WHAT!!!!

    That was MXA'S lame attempt to try and devalue Reed Don't believe a word MXA writes about Chad
  5. poocow

    chad reed SUZUKI???? WHAT!!!!

    money may talk for Reed but im sure KTM wouldn't have enough
  6. poocow

    chad reed SUZUKI???? WHAT!!!!

    For Reed to race for 500k like you say his race win bonus would have to be about 500k and a championship would have to be worth 10 million , lets face it guys like tedesco , short , ferry would be on a lot more than 500k and the chance of one of them wining a sx race is pretty low compared to Reed
  7. I have lived , and could immigrate if i wanted but after several offers i declinded . You do have good motorcycle racing and yes the best Drag racing ( i did purchase an ex Scott Geoffrion Dodge Avenger from Piketon Ohio while on a visit ) your football is not that Great . Most employment for greater pay ? you won't see a 40 year old serving at jack in the box here in Austraila . And you are being over run by immigration ( is that minute man project still running in Texas ) all from mexico
  8. Please tell me , did you enjoy your visit last time you came to Australia ?
  9. yep , patriotism , racism and poverty sounds like you have it all when you get out of the fish bowl, i hope your not devastated by how much you have missed out on
  10. poocow

    Is Townley a benchmark for RV?

    Its clear BT is injured and is no indication . Look at BT's 05 MXDN form he was faster than RC in qualifying and finished 2nd to RC in the last moto 5 seconds behind . Look out for BT to beat JS later in the mx season
  11. poocow

    Reed quitting???

    maybe james will ride for L&M kawasaki it seems larry might not have yamaha
  12. i agree, time will tell next year when DV is back in europe. from an australians point of view ,Jake Moss was our fastest lights rider by far last year , and cody cooper did run with reardon at 1 or 2 rounds but dan was the fastest 450 rider by far. In hamblins defence europe would have given his fair share of challenges : food , culture , new tracks and a lot of language barriers
  13. poocow

    Reed on a rmz450

    I think cowpoo tried to expose the bad gas thing for the joke it is Reed will be on a suzuki next year for sure , Decoster being a non american team manager had a bit to do with it . Chad may ride outdoors next year but he did need a break last year and to get that he signed with L&M this deal worked well for both then ,but things change
  14. poocow

    Where are all the Chad Reed bashers now?

    Brad Lacky ring any bells
  15. poocow

    reed, will he show up ?

    HAHAA believe me , if he did race GH im pretty sure he wouldn't care what you thought of it