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  1. ValleysDRZ

    fouling plugs really bad

    Covering one of the rads on the front with a piece of cardboard will help
  2. ValleysDRZ

    metal clacking noise when i give it throttle?

    Dont forget, you guys talk english as in US english if that makes any sense? which originated from England so we're right
  3. ValleysDRZ

    DRZ400 engine equipps which bikes?

    Apparently they use the aussie spec drz engine
  4. ValleysDRZ

    Valve clearances

    Oh yes indeed engine cold, easier than i thought tbh
  5. ValleysDRZ

    I need to find out what graphics kit this is!!

    im not sure but i think werx have discontinued the graphics for the DRZ
  6. ValleysDRZ

    Valve clearances

    Took the plunge today being a spanner numpty and checked my valves : 03 'S' 2800 miles In - .15 Ex - .25 Looking good?
  7. ValleysDRZ

    FMF-Q-question 4 the experts !

    Be careful using thethreaded lug to mount the back box as mine is mounted there and is rubbing against the shock spring. Also i have the S header on and couldnt get a spacer to match the header to muffler so made one out of exhaust wrap, not ideal but it works, I guess the ebay bought muffler i got was for the E so i need to get an E FMF Header
  8. ValleysDRZ

    thumpertalk store help needed please

    Bath silicone wont do it as it doesnt hold up against the high temps on the engine, it has to be RTV-description on packaging needs to be something like : High temp resistant, resists temps up to 300 deg c, resists cracking, shrinking, and migration caused by thermal expansion, all taken from the stuff i used MAXIFIX High temp instant gasket maker
  9. ValleysDRZ

    UK wet weather riding

    I didnt get out myself just the other guys i ride with and i wish it would stop raining here
  10. How we do it in the UK : http://dl3.rapidshare.de/files/3325141/61310095/VTR_on_tour_0001.wmv
  11. ValleysDRZ

    COOLEST VIDEO - How we ride in the uk.....!!

    If anyone wants the full version and not the trailer as above go here : http://www.iq18films.com/sales.html The full DVD "Psychomoto" isnt listed yet so you'll have to contact them but its out as i preordered my copy, dropped on my doormat today and its mental!!!! £17 gbp
  12. ValleysDRZ

    Dead 400 S - Newbie needs Help!!

    Nope UK '03' S's do not have light on/off switches as standard, '02's do so yours must be 02' reg'd in '03 Mines an '03 with no switch and CardiffDRZ off here has an '02 with switch
  13. ValleysDRZ

    ohlins rear shock on

    Only kidding mate was looking at it earlier and got it in watched items just to see how it goes. If it stays lowish i'll maybe have a flutter at it
  14. ValleysDRZ

    ohlins rear shock on

    Forget it its mine My needs are greater than yours
  15. ValleysDRZ

    seduced by the Dark Side...

    Nice bike, where did you get the Rear light from and does it incorporate the number plate holder too?