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    Tire Recommendations

    My 86 XR600 is finally due for its first rear tire change. The rubber is so hard the knobbies are starting to crack off. I have no idea how it lasted this long - must be the sand in Michigan. What are your favorite tires for riding in sandy soil? What's the best or worst tread pattern for sand? Thanks.
  2. atait

    Tire Recommendations

    I'll look into a soft terrain tire.
  3. atait

    2001 xr650r blowing oil out of air filter

    Did you figure out the problem yet?
  4. Here is a comprehensive used bike buying guide for road bikes. Most of the information is transferable to dirt bikes. http://www.clarity.net/adam/buying-bike.html
  5. I know some tires can go a long time. I only ride one or two weekends a year now (and I ride hard), but I still ride on my 86 XR 600R's original rear tire. I had to replace my front a few years ago as the knobbies were breaking off.
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    Yea, it might not have been greased since 86, but right now everything appears to be moving just fine. I hope I don't have a larger project. I have seen the grease guns with the flexible hose and the metal pipe. I thought the flexible hose would be better because some of the zirc fittings looked like they might be hard to reach without a flexible hose. Some of the guns come with both. Why do you like the metal pipe over the flexible hose? -Alex
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    I want to grease all the fittings on my 86 XR600 per the shop manual. I've never greased them to date and this will be the first time I've greased anything with a zerc fitting in my life. So if you have any suggestions about grease guns and what I should look for and any comments about greasing in general I would appreciate it very much. One specific question I have is can I use a moly grease for all the zerc fittings? There is only place where I need to use moly grease and from my research it would appear that I really should use the moly so I will. Now, I'm thinking why not use moly everywhere? That way I only have to buy one type of grease and I can keep the whole process simple. Can I use moly everywhere? Thanks for you help. -Alex