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  1. MXVet629

    Coolant hose resting on head pipe , going to melt ?

    My 2013 CRF450R lower radiator hose was touching the exhaust flange and rubbing on the cylinder because of aftermarket radiators that did not line up exactly as stock. I rode it for an entire summer that way and it was OK. Last winter I noticed that the hose was starting to wear at those spots so removed the hose and sleeved it with DEI Fire Sleeve shield cover and then high temp shrink tubing on the ends. Maybe overkill, but overkill never fails.
  2. MXVet629

    rekluse riders i need some input

    I have a 2013 CRF405R with the Rekluse clutch and the LHRB setup. I started with the EXP 3.0 disk with the stock clutch. Not happy with the performance I upgraded to the CoreEXP 3.0 setup and the performance was there but it made such a clattering racket off idle I could not stand it. So I purchased and installed their Billet Clutch Basket. Now it performs even better and no rattle. My recommendation it to get both the CoreEXP and the clutch basket. I am very happy with my Rekluse clutch. LHRB is great for braking on very steep down hills when you are rolled back on the edge your pegs or diving into a right hand corner with your right leg out on the MX track. Simple to install but I recommend using a vacuum hand pump brake bleeder at the master cylinder when bleeding the brakes. After lots of trial and error I found that I like the brake lever between the grip and the clutch lever pointing the brake lever down and not changing the clutch lever angle. I recommend this Rekluse product also.
  3. MXVet629

    Remember your first big crash?

    Blutarsky is right. Luckily my crash last October was caught on my GoPro so I could see what happened. I do not remember riding that day or my first week of two in the hospital. Nine fractured ribs plated back togeather, collapsed lung, and a severe concussion. It could have been worse, my safety gear prevented further injury. Built my health and bike back up over the winter and back out there on the MX track.
  4. MXVet629

    Pics of Your 450....

    2013 CRF450R Factory Connection full custom suspension service with Works DLC Coated fork tubes FasterUSA Wheelset with Red FasterUSA Billet hubs and Black DID STX rims Rekluse CoreEXP 3.0 clutch with Rekluse Billet clutch basket Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake kit FMF Factory 4.1 RCT Complete Exhaust Carbon Cap with Stainless Megabomb Header – Dual Applied Factory R/S Triple Clamp Set with CNC machined aluminum stem Moto Stuff 280mm Blade Oversize Brake kit with AP Racing pads and Braided Steel brake line Ride Engineering Billet Front Brake Calpier + more
  5. MXVet629

    Honda CRF450R 2013

    Ride Red
  6. MXVet629

    Honda CRF450R (2013)


    Ride Red
  7. MXVet629

    Where do you draw the line

    In the manufactures product line I usually purchase close to the high end of their product line. I wear Alpinestars Tech7 boots, Asterisk Cyto Cell knee brace, TLD pants and jersey, Leatt 5.5 neck brace, and TLD AIR helmet. Last October I had a bad crash on a 70’ jump at the local MX track and fractured 9 ribs, collapsed lung, and a concussion. I spent 14 days in the hospital after the surgery to plate my ribs back together. No other injuries to my head, neck, legs, ankles that were all protected by some sort of safety equipment. I’m not sure how much it would have helped, but I was not wearing any body armour. I will be replacing my helmet (of course) with a 6d Carbon, replacing my pants and jersey because the EMT cut them off of me, and adding some Leatt 5.5 body armour for spring. Argue what you will, I believe that the safety equipment I was wearing saved my life that day. And now I get to enjoy riding again once I heal up.
  8. MXVet629

    2009-15 ignition cover

    I have a 2013 CF450R and my ignition cover apears to be aluminum. I had it and the valve cover powder coated for $40. I'm waiting for my billet oil filter cover to arrive.