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  1. sm250

    motard stuff

    I agree it's a good idea to try it in 'Sport Mode' first to see if you like it.... BUT have you ever known anyone that gave Supermoto a try and didn't I actually jumped in with both feet, No regrets!
  2. sm250

    Master cylinder for braking caliper

    I'm also using a Brembo coffin-type master from an early 90's Ducati SS that originally came with a single front caliper. I use it for racing only and It works awsome.
  3. sm250

    Road America SM track pictures?

    Well, I have Tevo'd all of last years Supermoto races both AMA and the FIM/Euro races. Obviously, they are very different, and marketed to a different crowd. I personally like the Euro style of supermoto better, therefore I like the Road America track better than most of the other AMA tracks with the steel jumps. I also like road racing better than MX/SX, which probably makes me a little different than most on this board.
  4. sm250

    Road America SM track pictures?

    http://www.superbikers2.com/images/endurance%20map.jpg The layout may change, but you can get an idea.
  5. sm250

    Is it worth it?

    Yes I have a CRF250R set up for SM. I would Love to ride that on the street, but would probably get arrested quickly
  6. sm250

    Factory Yamaha YZ racing parts

    That looks like very nice stuff. Reminds me of a couple years ago, (ok about 8 or 9), a buddy had a FZR400 racer with a bunch of cool Yamaha kit parts on it. That exhaust was (GASP!) steel painted black, how times have changed.
  7. sm250

    MyChron Light lap timer

    I use one and it works great.
  8. sm250

    West Coast Supermoto going East Coast!

    E-mail sent! I need some schoolin'!
  9. sm250

    Ron Woods Intake Dyno! Terrible!!!

    Ok, back to the k&N replacement air filter. wow, $80! I was thinking about using the stock filter with backfire screen and pre-filter removed (Supermoto ONLY!) on my CRF250. Any thoughts? I will wait 'till I hear something on the K&N first before I modify the stocker.
  10. sm250

    Antman's CRF270

    This is the rout I've chosen. Reliable and legal. I would like to see a direct comparison between a 13.5 piston -vs- 270 standard compression piston. I think the results would be similar Now.... a 13.5:1 compression, 270 kit might be interesting. ('till it blew up)
  11. sm250

    What rims? YZ426

    Going to plug my favorite mag here, buy SuperMoto racer magazine , In the adds you can find a number of places to get things like wheels and brake kits. I purchased a ready-made set from here... http://www.radmfg.com/ I am very happy with them! MS
  12. sm250

    West Coast SM Advanced class today!!

    Back East.... Hmmmmm. Any plans for something at the Road America motorplex? God knows I could use some help.
  13. sm250

    This snow needs to stop!!

    I love winter, riding on Sunday http://www.dieseljo.com/ice_riding_pictures.htm
  14. sm250

    High comp piston-pump gas possible??

    Kelstr, Thanks for the info, What bold detonation test! I put the JE piston in My 250 and have only run C14 so far for some dyno work and ice riding. I like it BUT... If you get no detonation on 93 pump-gas, that would mean that the stock ignition curve is very "Safe". With some ignition changes & race fuel, I suspect some HP gains could be found. Can anyone confirm? I will be doing some more dyno work in a few weeks and would like to test some ignition bits.... Shooting for 40 and I have to find 2.2 HP somewhere
  15. sm250

    Knee braces

    Good subject. I too have been considering knee braces after a recent injury. Sounds to me like a brace will protect in some but not all "situations". However, some riders are misguided and think the brace will provide some level of protection in ALL circumstances.