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  1. I'm in the question for a new carb and am looking for recommendations. I have a project street tracker with an Ascot FT500 motor (basically an XL500 motor). The head has been ported, it has a high comp piston, a pretty free flowing exhaust and race headers, and a K&N. Currently the bike runs fine except that the the throttle sticks sometimes. I have checked and rechecked and the throttle cables are all free and not binding. After visually inspecting the carb, it appears that after so many years of vibrating, the carb throat has been ovaled and scored enough that the carb slide catches occasionally on decel, requiring a few blips to free it. What carb would you reccomend for an old big single that has been massaged?
  2. A short video I made in Northern California to test out my camera set up. It is still pretty dry but I wanted to ride, I want rain soon!!! The camera is a Flip Mino, retails for like 179.99 and I am really happy with it. Youtube rendered the video a little harsh but in person the film is crystal clear. I used a Bogen tripod and clamp to hook up the camera to the bars and film from ground level. Great all around camera if you want something cheap. for info about the camera check out www.theflip.com
  3. Hey all, I;m in the middle of a Honda street tracker project and I am in need of a 1990+ CR250 or CR500 front end. The Frame is a 1983 XL500 and currently has 1989 CR500 inverted forks on it. Sadly, the '89 CR500 was the first year for inverted forks on that bike and the next year everything was swapped, making it very hard to find parts for. If anyone had a frontend lying around taht they are looking to sell, PM me. Thanks, Jake
  4. jake28

    wr250f to supermoto

    Get a set of Pirrelli Scorpions. Put street tires on a dirt bike and to some extent you have a "street bike." If you want to go full blown, get this: http://www.motostrano.com/susthokit.html
  5. I'm not going to spend any more money on this bike. The thing about modding bikes extensively is that no matter how much money you dump in to them, it is still the same bike. I could throw two grand at the motor and I would certainly have a faster KLX, or I could sell my bike and go get a used XR650R or similar big dualsport and have an even better bike.
  6. I ride the bike ninety-nine percent on-road. The bike isn't great on the freeway and every time I get it over fifty-five for a prolonged period of time, I keep expecting to here a large explosion followed by clouds of black smoke. Regeared, my bike will do about ninety-five topped out but I am not comfortable cruising anywhere above seventy. I usualy just stick to sixty in top gear and stay in the slow lane. It vibrates alot but so far there have been no issues. I have never noticed any change with the throttle and misfires at speed and while in theory it uses more gas, it gets such good mileage that I don't even start to look for a gas station until I've gone 100 miles, and that is with the stock tank.
  7. This past week I found a local guy who was getting rid of a few parts for a KLX300. I picked up a White Brothers Mikuni 33 pumper carb, hot start, and Pro Circuit Type 496 muffler system. I own a 1999 KLX300 dualsport that was previously all stock except for being rejetted with the 50-state needle, the breather mod, and the endplate of the exhaust removed. I installed the muffler system first just to see of it made a difference with the stock carb and I had a free few minutes. Bolting on the pipe is a snap, it only utilizes one mounting bolt instead of the three on the stock muffler. The Pro Circuit pipe was lighter but I didn't weigh the pipes to compare. The bike started up first kick with the new pipe and it idled perfectly with no backfire. The first thing I noticed was that this pipe is LOUD without the quiet insert. It is easily as noisy as the stock pipe without the the endplate, perhaps a few db over. A few runs up and down the street confirmed this. With just the pipe, I didn't notice significant power gains over stock. I believe that the low end was cleaned up a little bit; it was just a nice even pull from idle instead of the jumping that I had previously experienced. In my opinion, this alone is not at all worth that the 424.95 that this pipe retails for. I paid about half that as part of the deal with the carb. If anything, the new exhaust just looks nicer than the ugly black silencer and it doesn't try and melt my fender. Next up was to install the carb. Installation took a little while but was pretty straightforward. Pull the seat, tank, and stock carb, then get out the power tools. You do have to remove the right-side engine mount t make way for the carb, I simply added two 14mm bolts in its place. I used a little grinder to get rid of the excess metal on the frame tab that was blocking the way for the new carb. There is very little space to work with so you may want to use a dremel, it will just take a little longer. Installed the carb with the intake side all the way up against the rubber intake boot. Make sure that the drain nipple on the airbox isn't wedged against the frame, otherwise your carb won't sit right on the airbox side. According to White Brothers, you need to use a Motion pro cable with the new carb. I used the stock pull cable with a little bit of modification. The cable was about 2mm too short so I took the cable off the bike and ground off the adjustment nut at the top by the throttle grip. This allowed the perfect amount of space for the cable to reach. Bolt everything back up and you're ready to ride. Before the carb and pipe, my bike would be mellow down low, and then there would be a nice sweet spot about half way through the RPM range, then it would be time to shift. With the carb and pipe the sweet spot has completely disappeared. Instead, it pulls harder down low through the mid RPMs and then, as with stock, it is time to short-shift again. The most noticable effect was that the bike revs more freely now and accelerates harder out of turns. I did a 130 mile ride this weekend and the KLX and its rider were happy the whole time. The bike starts up first kick every time, hot or cold, without the need of the hotstart. Some say the Mikuni 33 is too small for the KLX, mine is behaving wonderfully. I talked with Jerry at FSW and he reccomended the 33, and I called White Brothers and they recommended it as well over the 36. I haven't tested or ridden a bike with the Mikuni 36 installed, but I am happy with the set up I have now. The pipe and carb won't make your bike a racebike, but it will certainly enhance the strong characteristics it has. Don't get sucked into pumping up the KLX, buying a KTM would be cheaper, I just happened across a good deal. I am going to continue testing the bike with the carb and stock muffler to see if there is a difference in power. I may end up selling the pipe, I'm undecided as of yet. Feel free to ask questions, I'll answer as best as I can. Jake28 PS. A special thanks to Brewster and the rest of KLX old guys for putting up with the same carb questions over and over again.
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    Ballet Chase?

    Link please?
  9. jake28

    YZF front brake route

    As per the saying: Assume makes an ASS out of U and ME. Assuming in motorcycling can be expensive, you may wind up with the wrong parts or you may head on a semi because you ASSUMED that there was no one around the corner. Less dramatically, because of all the different YZF models, it is best to check part numbers, particularily for hubs (and thus wheels and brakes). Most of the later model 250s and 450s are pretty similar.
  10. jake28

    What do you think about this trade

    Blue Book on the ZRX is about 5500. Blue Book on the KLR is 4000 even. I would be weary of any straight up trade unless the KLR frame is made of gold.
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    Drz or KLX 110

    Is your gear green or yellow?
  12. jake28

    Help with my KLX300 Supermoto

    Thanks for the info. I'm looking to convert my KLX as soon as I get the funds.
  13. jake28

    Help with my KLX300 Supermoto

    Where in CA are you? I just got a plated KLX300 and have been looking to do a conversion. Can I get some details on your wheel set-up? Rims, brakes, hubs, COST??? Thanks, Jake
  14. jake28

    Newbie with KLX

    Thanks, FCR35 is the way to go. jake