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  1. Thumperstu

    UK 450x owners....

    Been a while since i posted in here, Sadly i had to sell my 450X But i still got my rekluse z-start and LHRB conversion if anyones interested drop me a pm.... hopefully as things pick up i can get back to offroading!!!!
  2. Thumperstu

    Yamaha Raptor 700 06' plate

    hi all first post in this forum!!! Virtual beers all round My mate has an 06 raptor 700 that has sadly died needs the bore replating and new piston plus the big end bearings gone, other than OEM stuff is there anywhere that that can supply piston kits and connecting rod kits to the uk please
  3. Thumperstu


    tried the searches but not found anything, so im going out for a weekends riding soon, and will be doing a few deep water crossings, just wondered if there are any tips on re-routing the carb/engine breather pipes to minimse water intake. I had a yz and had engine breather re-routed just wondered if there was any similar mods on the crfx
  4. Thumperstu

    Will these wheels fit a 250X?

    yes you can fit a 160 rear but you will suffer with a little chain chatter on the tyre lip, whats the rear rim width? its possible to offset the rim to give more clearance, i ran 160 on my 250x for 12mths till i sold it for a 450x with no issues at all.
  5. Thumperstu

    Not again :(

    could have been a bit hasty there Just popped back out and pushed her up and down in all gears, fired her up and nothing!!! Sweet as a nut!!! left it running for 10 and just dropped the oil again, i'll fill it up with fresh and take her round the block!! fingers crossed!
  6. Thumperstu

    Not again :(

    well cover refitted and topped up with oil, i lost about 700ml of oil, was origionally running a full 'quart' The bike started first time, but it still screams in neutral, pull the clutch and sellect any gear and it goes well, but in neutral squeals like a banshee any suggestions please
  7. Thumperstu

    Not again :(

    cheers peeps, JBweld it is as a quick fix to try it then billet cover me thinks! i to seen those 'stick on' covers and wondered how effective they would be?
  8. Thumperstu

    Not again :(

    Been a while since my last post but been out having fun on my 450X until yesterday, came off and unknown to me i had punctured the clutch case with the brake pedal, only realised something was wrong when it started to make strange noises will still drive and sellect all gears but squeals like mad, before i strip, could it possibly be just the clutch fried, or could the damage be a bit more serious???
  9. Thumperstu

    Gearing 450 x (what do YOU run?)

    i run 13/50 for dirt and 15/47 in supermoto trim
  10. Thumperstu

    05 450x engine seized?

    Eventually got my cheque yesterday!!! F*****S made me wait an hour at the dealers until the manager arrived 20 minutes after closing, handed over the cheque and walked away, w****R. So the hunt is on for another one! Sadly i can't afford new and there appear to be very few used models in the uk! Had a hazey spell for a while and nearly bought a Husaberg!! Fortunately my faith in honda was restored and the quest can begin, well ive only got 3 weeks to go till my first race in 2 yrs so better get my skates on!
  11. Thumperstu

    05 450x engine seized?

    most of the lies and BS was after the event!! But basically i made the mistake of not checking the bike properly at the dealers, when i got it home the battery was duff, the stop button, clutch switch and loom was missing! so basically the dealer started it on the kicker and stalled it to stop!! Took me 3 weeks to get this sorted, i rode the bike a few times prior to getting the bits using stuff off my 250 when the motor eventually let go!, I told them i hadnt been using it as i never had the bits but once fitted i got down the road when it went bang.(little white lie) Then the trouble started, the sales guy kept saying he was waiting for the area manager, but he didnt know anything, spoke to him today and gave him the whole story, basically the bike is still sat in the dealership as when i left it there last week, untouched! History of the bike still unknown, damage still unknown, there going to repair it anyway to sell on. Ill look elsewhere!
  12. Thumperstu

    05 450x engine seized?

    At last managed to speak to the manager today, lots of lies been told!! Well he has agreed to give me a refund! Cheers Stu
  13. Thumperstu

    05 450x engine seized?

    bike in the shop waiting for the area manager to examine! Told them im not interested in the problem just want my money back but i have to wait till hes been
  14. Thumperstu

    05 450x engine seized?

    Little update, bike going back to the dealer today, contacted Trading Standards first so im armed with a little 'Law' knowledge!! Dropped a little oil last night for curiosity and it was full of Brass (i think) particles some tiny shavings and some quite large!
  15. Thumperstu

    05 450x engine seized?

    i love the crf, i have a 250x which is great and never let me down in the 12 mths ive owned, so i opted for the 450 for the extra grunt but sadly its failed The bike was as it came from the dealer, and as they sold it to me with a duff battery and the kill switch missing i can only assume oil levels would have been as per the manual, I checked the bike quickly yesterday and its locked solid