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  1. spenny08

    KX250 2008 FRAME, 1991 CR500 EINGIINE!

    Here's a couple more pics, still got some more bits to go on the bike but it's getting there!! [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:3472]
  2. spenny08

    KX250 2008 FRAME, 1991 CR500 EINGIINE!

    Thank you! Yeah will take some more pics soon really happy with the hybrid
  3. [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:3472] Just got my new toy a couple of days ago and WOW! Those tires on tarmac are a bit hairy to say the least!! It's a real beast of a bike
  4. spenny08

    Kawasaki KX500 2004

    Damn beast of a bike
  5. spenny08

    Kawasaki KX500 (2004)


    Damn beast of a bike
  6. spenny08

    Mixture screw?

    Thank you for your reply will be giving this ago
  7. spenny08

    Mixture screw?

    Hi all ive rejjeted my carb to 160 main and left the stock leak in as it's a 42 anyway, took the mesh from air filter and opened up the airbox, using the red needle on the 5th clip as stated from 0-4000ft witch is my level range, it advises 1 3/4 turns of mixture screw, don't get me wrong it feels punchy'er but theres hesitation down low where there wasn't before?? any ideas? Thank you
  8. spenny08

    2012 Crf250x Mods Photos 2

    Nice ride, love the mods!
  9. spenny08

    Crf250x vs 125sx

    take it on a nice tight trail, job done!
  10. spenny08

    CRF250X 2013 More Power

    I used a 158 main
  11. spenny08

    Just bought a 2013 250X, just have a couple questions

    Did the rejet, already has a 42 pilot so i swapped out the main jet to a 158 and did the airbox mod, left the screen in but might be persuaded to remove it aswell as pinkwire mod to change the power curve
  12. spenny08

    Crf250x rev limiter?

    Was debaiting about the pink wire mod usefull thread thanks!!
  13. spenny08

    CRF250X 2013?///CR500?

    CR500 engine in a rolling banshee frame BEAST!!
  14. spenny08

    KTM 300 XC-W 2007

    Torque for the two stroke is good low down out of the power valve.
  15. spenny08

    CRF250X 2013?///CR500?

    My bike at the moment is a 2013 CRF250X, but my dream bike is a CR500. Later on down the line when i can afford an engine i was hoping to swapp it out is all.