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  1. racer42

    1996 Wolverine Carb Problem

    What type of hose do you mean, There are no hoses on the carb except the overflow hose. All of the vacuum parts are plastic rigid lines on the side of the carb.
  2. racer42

    Yamaha 1996 Wolverine Carb Problem

    I have 96 wolverine and for some reason the vacuum actuated slide will not slide up and down. It will run but when you rev it up that slide will not move. I have tried two different carbs and i have the same problem with both. It seems to be blowing air back through the carb. I have adjusted the valves they didn't seem to be that far out. Can anyone help?
  3. I was going to go riding there, but have been told it is closed up, anyone know anything.
  4. I live in northern ohio, but I do not know my elevation
  5. It seems to start harder in the cold weather, someone told me that I need to run a different main jet in the winter. Any info will help
  6. racer42

    Pittsburgh, PA area

    Is hillsville still open for riding?
  7. racer42

    Any good riding places in ohio?

    Does anyone know of any good rinding places in ohio other than Wanye national or wellsville.
  8. I was wondering if anyone has rode at or knows if you are allowed to ride at hillsville. Please let me know anything you can.
  9. I live in Ohio, and I was wondering if you were still allowed to ride at hillsville, it is located right at the ohio/pennsylvania border. If anyone knows anything please let me know. my email address is afowler121@yahoo.com