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    Techies, please help, I'm screwed

    Gentlemen, thanks so much for all your help and suggestions. I drained the fluids and redid it using all the above advice. The ball was still in there and I wound up the kickstart shaft. I searched the old forums and found an online manual that i downloaded, (thanks guys) and took my time and used the manual. It fired up right away and the clutch worked awesome. I'm definetely going to invest in that Hinson clutch. The only problem is i'm missing the dowel pin/o-ring for the oil line. $2.00 in parts is keeping me from riding right now! Either way I'm patient and just wanted to say that this website is the best thing I've found in motocross. Thanks for all your guys' help, I'll be on daily now. cj1371
  2. cj1371

    Techies, please help, I'm screwed

    MXMHero-Thank you Sir. I did not use a manual, I received a 10 minute class from "someone who knows what they're talking about" Didn't work out too good. I will take your advice and pick one up tomorrow. I did take the clutch basket off. SKTHOM-it use to roll a lot easier than this, thanks for the help guys. I guess I was looking for the easy way out. next time i'll do it right.
  3. Hi guys THanks for reading this. I have an '03 YZ450F and I bought it used 6 months ago. I was 4 miles in the trails one day and I stalled it. I tried kicking it over and the kickstart fell off. Broke the kickstart shaft so I got a new one. I'm new to motocross but I thought I could handle this. I put it all back together with the new parts and I have 2 problems. 1) My bike will go into neutral fine but when in gear with the clutch pulled in the tire still drags. When I get a little momentum I can feel the clutch letting it roll but it's still really tight. I'm sure part of this is from no oil but I wouldn't think it to be this tight. Did I overtighten the clutch springs? 2) My kickstart goes down but won't come back up. Do I have to "wind" the spring up before putting it back in? Thanks for the help guys, I've been down 2 months so hopefully this gets fixed soon. Thanks again guys
  4. cj1371

    going big the first time you see a track

    Most of you will call me stupid, dont be mad, this is just how i do it. I use to ask people how fast they go, follow people, etc. Now i just walk the track once, guess what gear/speed i need to hit it at and go for it all out on my second lap. If i dont I end up not doing it and going home calling myself a p___y all day. One thing I have to concentrate on is not letting up on the gas on the face. I'd rather land a little farther than case it. That's just me, I'm new to the MX scene so take it w/a grain of salt.
  5. This probably wasn't normal. Me and the guy both knew who was getting the better end of the deal. If i remember right, the yz450f blue booked for something like 4800. I had two bikes, he wanted two. I wanted a thumper, he had one. He didn't have any cash so that's how/why the deal was made. Please dont base anything off this deal, wouldn't want to give you a false impression of the value. Sorry if there was any confusion man.
  6. cj1371


    Thanks Cirus. Called 2 dealerships and one didn't want to help me and the other told me 25 lbs. Glad i didn't do it yet. Thanks again.
  7. cj1371


    Hey guys, need some help w/my forks. I'm gonna move my forks up to the next notch but I dont know the torque setting. I dont want to crush the fork tubes. I'm on an 03 yz450f. Dont have an owners manual for it yet, anyone nkow where i can get one cheap? Thanks again.
  8. cj1371

    yzf450 header

    First, just wanna say thanks to everyone. So many people have made my change to 4 strokes easier. Now my question. The header on my 03 yz450f is jacked. Will a header from an '04 yz250f work? I know this sounds stupid, I would imagine that the 450's header is bigger, but a guy at the track actually said it would work. Thanks again
  9. i'm not much help but... I just traded a 94 and 97 RM, both 125's for an 03 yz450f. trade in value was something like 800 and 1300. Hope this helps.
  10. cj1371

    03 yz450f

    Thanks Max, I appreciate the help. I had a friend at the track eyeball my sag and I adjusted it there so that's better, will measure it and get accurate. As for the front forks, I'll play w/the rebound like you suggested. Going into corners it felt like the bike was trying to buck me off. This four stroke is awesome but it's a totally different animal than my two strokes. Thanks again.
  11. cj1371

    03 yz450f

    I just switched from an RM125 to an 03 yz450f. Love the torque, etc but it handles like a semi truck on a slalom course. Sag was way off and so are the forks. I dont know anything about suspensions. Anyone know someone in N.C. whose good w/suspensions or does anyone have any tips? Thanks for the help guys.