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  1. KX250F_19

    from 250F to 450

    I have raced KX250Fs from 2005 thru 2008 and I recently made the jump to the 2009 KX450F. As similar as these bikes may be, they are TOTALLY different. I did my first race this weekend and got smoked by people I beat when I had my 250F. This transition is rough on me as I just moved up in skill level and bike size. In your opinion, what is something that I need to do differently on this big 450? (compared to a 250F riding style)
  2. KX250F_19

    Race Tech on a 2009

    Im not sure of the spring rate that was put in, i know it was 2 sizes lighter than stock. And I was VERY skeptical about Race Tech but thats the only local thing for me in Vegas and I did NOT want to ship my stuff off this time. I am loving it and my skepticism is gone.
  3. KX250F_19

    Race Tech on a 2009

    Thought some people might find this helpful I weigh in at 165lbs without gear, 185 with all gear. I race in the Intermediate or "B" class. I had the Race Tech stuff done to my forks which included: -new springs for my weight -the G2-R Gold Valving -and of course the oil was changed. I must say that the bike feels completely different, especially in turns. This thing is turning flawlessly now. No headshake down hills anymore, very stable through whoops. However, Race Tech has not released the valving for the 2009 shock yet, I was told probably two more weeks. I was also told that the rear spring is good for my weight so valving is all that will be needed to be done. The bike still worked well with just the forks done but Im confident that getting the shock done will help out too. I will post again once I get the shock done. Ride safe
  4. KX250F_19

    Oil Leak/Noise...09 KXF450

    I have broken in the bike completely and the bike has 3.6hrs on it AFTER break-in. I have no noise or oil leaking. Just throwing it out there. Love the bike so far and cant wait to ride it with race tech suspesion this weekend!
  5. KX250F_19

    all of you with 09's

    I just got my 09 KX450F saturday and broke it in at a track. I DO FOLLOW the rules of break-in as stated in the owners manual so I never got to go real fast on it. I am 6'0" 165lbs and have been riding KX250F's since 2004, and I ride in the Intermediate or "B" class. The bike feels EXTREMELY fast but then again I am used to a 250F. Handling felt good, slingshots in ruts and is very stable in sweepers. It tracked really straight which I didn't expect because of my weight with the stock springs. EFI is very responsive, I notice it the most in the transition from letting off the gas and getting back on it. The bike didnt even feel heavy to me. I like the bike so far and it's only going to get better
  6. KX250F_19

    09 KX450 - HappyCamper's First Impression

    sounds good. my dealer called today and it came! going to pick it up saturday mornin
  7. KX250F_19

    ebay bike

    thats classic hahaha.... forget my '09 im buying this race bike:bonk:
  8. KX250F_19

    09 KX450 - VETMX808'S First Impression

    Im still waiting for my 450.... but I hope it works well for a 165lb 6ft tall 19 year old. I have been racing 250Fs since 05 and Im ready to ride the bigger bikes and race against more mature racers. Im just hoping Im not too small for this new bike.
  9. KX250F_19

    Torn my ACL,going to be out for a while?

    I had an ACL reconstruction in the beginning of 07. was out for 7 months. bought CTi2 braces and always wear them now. hope you have a speedy recovery! i would keep your bike if its only got 25hrs on it
  10. KX250F_19

    1999 KLX 300R Gas Mileage

    That's pretty good. Is this information with a stock tank ? What do think the capacity of the stock tank is ? I was thinking of getting an IMS 3.2 gallon tank. Thanks.
  11. Have recently bought a 1999 klx 300r and I was wondering what kind of gas mileage everyone out there is getting ? This bike is stock. Thanks.
  12. KX250F_19

    1999 KLX300R Carb Slide Lift Hole

    your right brewster.....the change is very minor. maybe a little smoother down low.
  13. KX250F_19

    1999 KLX300R Carb Slide Lift Hole

    OK, thanks....I'll put it back together now. I also "tied" up 3-4 coils of the slide spring too.
  14. KX250F_19

    1999 KLX300R Carb Slide Lift Hole

    No I'm not. My jetting is: 128 main, 35 pilot, N1TC needle with the clip in the 3rd groove from the top. I did the crankcase vent mod also.Our elevation is 2000'
  15. Alright,I drilled the top of the slide to 7/32.......do I drill the side hole too?