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  1. do any of you remember the modern retro graphics from Supercross a few years ago??....i think it was the Troy Lee team.... I believe they only ran the graphics at one of the Retro Night Supercross races....they had them on the lites bikes.....they had the cirlce printed inside of the modern number plate. I'm fixing up a cr125 and I'm going to do these graphics but I cant even google-up a dang picture of them..i need some other supercross fans help. thanks!
  2. djteach2k

    Sandlapper Enduro Vet B Video

    ron, your vids are the best. thanks so much.
  3. djteach2k

    Stewart Vs. Reed battle at Georgia Dome

    THANK YOU THANK YOU!! THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!!! I almost had a heart attack when they took the camera off Reed and Stewart to show RV crossing the finish line. I have been dying to see that. Thanks so much. SEND THIS TO RACER X SO THEY CAN POST A LINK TO IT!!!!!
  4. http://www.youtube.com/user/topsailscience pretty funny bite on the old honda commercials.
  5. tickle just checked out on everyone
  6. oh yeah one more thing TICKLE FOR THE LIGHTS!!! NC baby!
  7. man shorty is wayyyy off pace. i hope the 350 works. my pics are 7 22 2 5 41
  8. djteach2k

    pourcel? what's up

    Is English your second language?
  9. djteach2k

    pourcel? what's up

    You just put into words exactly what I think about him. A lot of people have never traveled out of the states and do not understand this. Good comment.
  10. djteach2k

    atlanta supercross

    go to any tickets site and get the general tickets that are $10. the pit passes are always given away for free for the 2 weeks before the race. usually at subway if you buy a drink. if you don't live near atlanta you can usually get the pit passes free by becoming a cross club member on the supercross website. all you need are the cheap tickets because for the final races there are tons of seats down near the floor that are empty because they are given away to businesses and others who are not interested and don't come. make sure you go very early and check the pits. spend the day there and get the whole experience!!! awesome race to attend!!!!
  11. djteach2k

    Berm Photo's

    still i follow the directions and no picture shows up!
  12. djteach2k

    Berm Photo's

  13. djteach2k

    Josh Strang vs McGrath!

    Baracuda, i bet money that is his FRONT brake. those guys drag the front brake almost the entire gncc. they compress the forks into every turn and then drag the brake all the way through the turn for traction. sounds nuts but it works.
  14. man that track is awesome. you look like you guys were having the best time ever. that is soooooo nice!! i would love to ride that track. i cant see myself hitting a 4rth gear triple but most of the jumps look super fun:smirk: