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  1. tks guys. i am going to mess with my bar height and positioning a bit to see if i can get comfortable. i'll start with lifting the bars then see. i just wasn't sure if there was a technical way of setting this up through measurements or etc.
  2. Question to Dwight, I have been trying to get myself in a comfortable standing position but it really tires me out because i don't think i have the proper height of my bars. when standing it feels like i am hanging on with my fingers and am trying to pull myself forward. I know most guys raise the bars but i am 6' with a 76" arm span (yes, really long arms) and think if I lower my bars it will probably shift my position more forward and i'll be more balanced. is there any logic to this or just trial and error?
  3. Ok. Don't beat me up because i am not that smart when it comes to jetting. I have no problem wrenching it but here is my situation: my bike ran great in the winter months (6-8deg C) with the fuel screw at about 1.75 turns. now it runs great at .25 turns out (at 20deg C). i believe this means i am running rich. can i get away with changing the needle clip position or will i need to go down one size on the main jet. OR is this a leak jet issue. The bike also does a lot of popping on decel. I haven't taken the carb apart since i got the bike (this past late fall) because i never had a reason to so I am not 100% sure what it has in it now. i wanted to have an idea of where i needed to head before i ripped it apart. the bike is a 2002 yz250f. i also get a very bad bog but only in the very bottom end. might this be related? Thanks guys!
  4. scobo

    No MT16???

    I can get them here in BC and they are worth it!
  5. i had the same problem. was really concerned. it ended up being the flywheel rivets got loose and that was it.
  6. scobo

    High Idle

    Sounds to me like all you guys are lean. You need to find the fuel screw just like Matty05 states. You will have probably noticed this more as the colder fall/winter weather hits because your bike runs leaner with the colder temps. Here is where you need to go: http://www.thumperfaq.com/fuel_screw.htm
  7. scobo

    wr250f with yz250f exhast?

    Do it. better in all ways. Only thing to note, you will have to adjust the fuel screw or rejet and will need a longer mounting bolt (the one that holds the can to the frame) and if the yzf can does not come with the gasket you will need a different one other then the stock WR one because is has a smaller OD. It was a lot louder but the weight and power was more then worth it.
  8. I guess that will be the end of vedder for a bit. maybe mcnutt until the snow clears.
  9. I have the same thing. get off the bike, press the front brake and hold. now try to push the bike forward then back. if it is the floating brake you will see that the disk is held by the pads and won't move but the hub will move a little. If not, then do the same and see where the play is.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has been to Vedder mountain the last couple days. I was out in Hope this past weekend and the snow started at the top of bearshit boul. not sure if it is lower now or not.
  11. Thanks for the info but what do you mean by the Woodruff key as well?
  12. Can you guys let me know what the starter issue is for the 2003. i have a couple I am interested in but heard they had problems with the 2003. What does the fix entail and how much is the fix. Is there a way to know if there is a problem or if it is ready to blow? Thanks for the info!
  13. scobo

    How does a fork work?

    So this may be a dumb question but i need to "weaken" my front suspension. It there a spring adjustment i can do or would I put in a lighter oil?
  14. scobo

    strange noise

    my 02 did the same. turns out the rivets on the flywheel came loose. That was it.
  15. scobo

    02 WR250F Flywheel Failure

    Same problem with my 02' 250. the rivets came loose. both my mechanic and i thought bottom end but i was pleased to hear this although it shouldn't happen.