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  1. Tubo

    Best adjustable fuel screw???

    I like the factory KTM part: KTM Fuel Screw
  2. Tubo

    Ride on the 20th (Longview, WA)

    We had a great night ride last night. There were just three of us, but it went great. The trails, even after no rain for a week, were as slick/slimy/muddy as I've ever seen them. The fog rolled in and it was real slow going in some places. Have fun at Bradley today.
  3. Tubo

    Ride on the 20th (Longview, WA)

    Hey! I won't be there on Sunday. Dan and I will be doing a bunch of trail maintenance. Have a great ride!
  4. Tubo

    Wheelie Help!

    No clutch.
  5. Tubo

    Wheelie Help!

    You have to be at the balance point with a steady throttle and simply pull up on the shift lever as you modulate the throttle. If you attempt to shift when you're not at the balance point, your front end will drop too much for you to be able to compensate with the throttle.
  6. Tubo

    Question about Broken Toe

    I've had more broken toes than I can count, and I've always just gone about my business doing whatever, until the pain was more than I could bear on 800mg of ibuprophen. An extra sock on that foot to tighten it up in your shoe or boot helps.
  7. Most rides are 30-35 miles. There are approx. 40? miles of trails scattered around.
  8. None of it around here is "tame". There are some fairly difficult sections scattered throughout the entire ride. In between are some fairly easy sections. I don't have a problem waiting for new riders, but you might want to ride the area once to see if she is up to the challenge.
  9. Meet at the house around 9:00?
  10. Both Enduro Engineering and Cycra Pro-Bend handguards are made from 6061. It would be interesting to see which metal bar is thicker and wider. Anyone have a set of EE guards they can put a mic on? I'll do the Cycra's.
  11. As far as the Enduro Engineering guards go, I know too many people who have had to replace multiple plastic deflectors due to how they mount behind the bar. They hit and rip loose from the metal bar. Cycra's and most others mount on the outside of the metal bar which drives the plastic into the bar in a crash instead of away from the bar.
  12. Looks to me like the bolt wasn't tight and was backed out when you wrecked.
  13. Old thread I know, but since it was brought back up in another thread, I figure I'd give my experience with the Cycra Pro-Bends: They have worked flawlessly in a couple of 4th and 5th gear wrecks. The last one was a 4th gear mid throttle crash where the guard took a hit from a downed tree that was sticking out of the brush into a trail (I never saw it). The hit was so hard it completely launched me sideways and the bike went down hard. I ended up stopped probably30-40' down the trail. The left bar took the hit and the right one burried into the ground. The only thing that moved was the right guard and it was slightly down. On other occasions I've hit trees so hard it has launched me and the bike so far off the opposite side of the trail that people following me had no clue I had even wrecked (burried 20' off the trail in the bushes). There have been too many slower speed wrecks to count and many others that weren't so slow. The Cycra's I'm using are the bar mount, not triple clamp mount style and they have held up to more abuse than I would expect any handguard to endure. Just my $.02 worth.
  14. After all the rain we've had, the trails around my place should be interesting. I'm in!
  15. I agree. I've posted up pics a few times of the split seams, split soles, buckle failures, etc. T-30's really are junk along with the absolutely worst customer service I've ever experienced.Uni filters. I use No Toil filter oil and they are the only filters I've ever had come apart. If they are the only filters falling apart with No Toil oil, they have a problem. Acerbis plastic brush guards (don't remember the model). The neighbor and I both purchased sets for our kids' XR100's and both sets cracked at the bar end mounts. MSR grip lever set (the ones with the rubber pads). Clutch lever snapped when I pulled in the clutch. As far as I know the lever had never been hit on anything (Cycra Pro Bend brush guards). I'd say they are cheap pot metal.