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  1. your something else.. have a good day
  2. I didnt realize I was dealing with someone 'special' here.... Your right reading comprehension is crucial... Why don't you go back and re-read what has already been said... Your question was answered multiple times. Yes after a BIG HIT TO THE HEAD, If the player is ok to continue playing, the helmet is inspected and replaced if needed. Its replaced for much less serious things than damage so obviously when a big hit happens the helmet is taken for inspection and another helmet is to be used. If they replace them for scratches why wouldn't they replace them when they can potentially be dangerous to their players. The fact that I mention they replace them every game is to point out that they have a stock of helmets and will give one out no hesitation if the player has been hit hard... Jees man
  3. I use a heat gun from harbor freight.. Smokes out the whole yard in the process. Neighbors love me
  4. You never stated anything... You asked a question. Dont ask a question if you dont want the answer then... I answered your question. They (nfl) already replace their players helmets every game
  5. I know you read my whole comment.... So why yo chose to pick just the first part is beyond me... Clearly the first part of my statement was directed to falling (mx, bmx, skateboarding etc) Hence why I said "unless your talking about football"... And btw. A quick google search led me to the fact that they get new gear every game or every other game..., Makes sense considering how much money is in that sport So to your question "Do you think the NFL replaces those helmets now after every big head on hit?" Yes I do. Because they do, for more then 1 reason replace it after a big hit. 1 reason I didnt even think of was that they cant run around with a helmet that has scratches and looks bad on camera... So if they change them out for scratches and stickers/paint looking bad, no doubt they change them after they get big head hits....
  6. Is this a real question? Your supposed to replace ANY HELMET AFTER A HARD HIT.. (unless your talking about football and not falling) Even then Id assume they still change helmets after hard hits
  7. Im assuming your talking about the f2? I have a few of those.. They dont compare to 6d...
  8. I cant believe anybody ever doubted 6d... My buddy has them as one of his sponsers and I get his "old" (5 times used) helmets. They are hands down the best helmet on the market
  9. Girls like more then 2 strokes u 2 pump chump
  10. Tell your son Im sorry for me... I wouldnt even want that bike
  11. The scorpions are FIRE. But they where way faster then a mx32... 2 months on a tire is a long time imo..
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