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  1. Thanks! Good info! The ebay seller has listed them as old stock and has a 100% rating. So things look good if I could tell for sure that it would fit.
  2. I have an 05 WR450. im trying to determine if a white brothers model slip on model # 05672 will fit it. The sellers says it fits an 03-04 YZ450. Seems In most cases all other parts fit in these years parts range. I Might try and contact the manufacturer whenever they're open but thought I would check here first. Hanks
  3. Mine hasn't been touched and I think it rattels about like yours??? I don't know.
  4. Mine is an 05 with baja designs light kit. When my battery died it still ran fine, just had to kick start and no headlight if I remember correctly.
  5. It certainy increases the value of the bike as it makes it more desirable. As for the cush hub, I have no evidence that the cush hub helps zave the tranny but the boys down under with more WR experience recommend it for that reason. and it positively made my bike smoother on the pavement, especially in higher gears and with lower RPMs. VERY noticeable.
  6. My WR is jetted and same thing, requires choke when cold. But my street bike (also jetted) does not require choke on a cold start unless it's really "cold" outside. It's much easier to crank cold or hot than the WR. Just saying.
  7. Good question that I don't have the answer to...and really can't remember if the WR has it since mine didn't give me any trouble. I used the Mityvac. my street bike has the grommet and costed me an hour of wasted time until I removed that rubber grommet. I like the Mityvac idea but that particular brand lacks in quality. Could have at least provided a case for all the pieces.
  8. Not sure what reverse bleed is. But as mentioned those vacumns lime mtyvac work great. And if there is a rubber grommets in the reservoir, try taking that out.
  9. I have an 05 WR450 with jet kit, Grey wire cut, pea shooter modifies AIS removed, and maybe some other common mods. Other than maybe the pea shooter changed or modified, the exhaust is stock. I am happy with the power of the bike but I would like to give it a little sound. I would like to do this on a budget cause I'm sure if I throw $4 to 5 hundred at this I will easily get what im looking for. So what If I bought one of those mega bomb headers, would that change the sound or do I just need to focus all the $$$ on the slip on? THanks all!
    Comfortable, durable, 50 mpg, 0-60 in 3 seconds. Awesome bike. Take it to the track or ride it across country, it can do it all. The only negative is the carbs are susceptible to gumming up if the bike sits for long periods of time.
  10. DID, Sunstar. Steel. O-ring. love you long time DID, Sunstar. Steel. O-ring. love you long time
  11. ^^^^^ That's the thread! I have baja designs on my 05. Nothing fancy, but work well.
  12. Looks like one of the replies got erased. I did visit that site and they did have some good looking good stuff. But I would imagine posting a reply that was pretty much an ad is probably against the rules. Today I plasti dipped painted over the cute dude blowing the horn. I will evaluate that for a while. Maybe just take most of the graphics off. Ahhh,decisions, decisions. thanks SilvFx for the response.
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