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  1. Shawn_Mc

    Off road?

    What's "affordable"?
  2. Shawn_Mc

    Camshaft chain quick wear

    LOL...Google is my friend
  3. Shawn_Mc

    06 Crf450 Grudge Bike

    That's not a stock bore, now is it. Ive built 60+ hp engines that were stock bore. But getting that kind of power out of a stock bore, takes way more work. I've got one of those 921 cams on my bench right now. For what it's worth, putting 70 hp across an OEM Rod is a short lived affair.
  4. Shawn_Mc

    06 Crf450 Grudge Bike

    With cams and head work and a good pipe and a bunch of other tricks, I've seen an 09 at 64hp, I've seen an 18' at 74hp and 37 ftlbs of torque at only 9700 rpm. These aren't what you'd call bolt in mods. Crank windage tricks, special friction reducing coatings and treatments, a complete head rework, low tension oil rings. It's a $10,000 engine.
  5. Shawn_Mc

    06 Crf450 Grudge Bike

    The 921 will run fine on the stock springs. The Stage 3 isnt "hurting" you, but getting it jetted just right and Reving it to where it'll make the power might not be an ideal thing and it probably wants more header and a freer muffler.
  6. Shawn_Mc

    08 Crf450R tranny issue

    Ive seen guys get it assembled with the drum rotated into the wrong place. I always set them up while in neutral. Pop it apart, rotate the drum to where the detent is on the neutral spot and put the forks in. Typically I do this by putting the fork in, then sliding the fork rods through.
  7. Shawn_Mc

    Camshaft chain quick wear

    Morate se riješiti zatezača OEM brave. Oni stalno propadaju. Ako ne možete dobiti ručni, naknadni dio, zamijenite OEM napinjač svakih 20-25 sati. Ako imate problem s lančanim bičem, to može uzrokovati preuranjeno nošenje lanca. Jedini put kad sam vidio da se lanac pretvara u takvu situaciju zbog gladovanja nafte.
  8. Shawn_Mc

    08 Crf450R tranny issue

    Part the cases again and make sure you've got the forks sitting correctly and the drum is oriented correctly.
  9. No, you should run it without the cushions and the ramifications are a blown up trans. The power stroke is enough to kill the transmission if there's no cushion to the drive wheel. And on a CRF, there isnt a cushion in the Hub. Two strokes get away without them. Thumpers wont last a day at the track that way.
  10. Shawn_Mc

    06 Crf450 Grudge Bike

    I think it's too rich down low and possibly lean at WFO...What's the plug look like? But, a (good) ported head and that 921 cam, with a good free flowing exhaust is good for 60+ hp. You could open up the stock exhaust and make some power (and noise)
  11. Shawn_Mc

    08 Crf450R tranny issue

    Are you rotating the counter shaft when you're testing the shifting? If the dogs aren't lined up, it's not going in.
  12. Shawn_Mc

    2005 valve clapping ?

    And that's why those things should get replaced every now and then (100 hours or so). Because they work harden and crack occasionally.
  13. Shawn_Mc

    Talon hubs - looking for rotor bolts!

    Has anyone ever gone just a tad crazy and tried...oh...I dont know...the OEM rotor bolt in the talon hub? Because that's exactly what I did on my CR500 20 years ago.
  14. Guarantee it. Hopefully the basket isn't damaged from the gear slamming into the post where the cushion is supposed to sit.
  15. Shawn_Mc

    My hotrods crank experience so far

    Wiseco cranks are ok? Yup. There was a bad run of them like 12-15 years ago, but since then, they're fine.