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  1. Shawn_Mc

    Gasket orientation on vacuum plate

    Put the gasket on so the edge pokes away from the plate. It's supposed to seal against the throttle valve (slide) and be careful with it when you put it on there. It easily bunches up and stretches out. It'll stretch a little, but it'll stretch out really easy. Super gentle with it. Typically I'll use a feeler gauge to poke it into place.
  2. Shawn_Mc

    Valve adjustment questions. 2008 R

    You dont even wanna see the face I just made...LOL...
  3. Shawn_Mc

    Lighting on a CRF450R?

    Trail Tech or Baja Designs has everything you could possibly ask for.
  4. Shawn_Mc

    Valve adjustment questions. 2008 R

    Not even close. That motion pro tool to hold the gear is one of those things that after you use it, you'll feel stupid for not inventing it yourself. Make sure you use two hands to steady the torque wrench so you dont round out the allen drives in the bolts. And grind the end of the hex key off flat if it has a radius on the end. Dont even think about trying to use a Ball Allen type driver.
  5. Shawn_Mc

    2004 CRF450R rebuild questions

    Damn, I'm good. The main jet should be a 175-178, somewhere in that range if you're at sea level. The pilot jet should be a 42. The fuel screw should be pretty close at 1.75 turns from out gently seated (screwed in). You've got a choice here; Either replace the pilot jet for 5-6 bucks, or spend 5-6 bucks and 30 minutes cleaning it with a can of Gumout carb spray cleaner. One other thing you should check on the carb would be the screw, oring and washer that should be there. While that's out, douche up that hole with the carb spray too, using the little red stick thing. One other thing. Make sure the hot start knob is seating all the way. If it's leaking, it'll act lean.
  6. Shawn_Mc

    Top end rebuild, what happened?

    Not shit rings. But the ring ends butted together. The end gap was too tight. Guys, you gotta check this stuff. And one other thing about the Wiseco pistons. You need to drill the skirt so it oils the bridge in the exhaust port. Simply relieving the exhaust port a touch isn't enough usually. But, that isn't what happened here. The scuff is all the way around. Take .002" of the end of that ring and you'd be roosting right now.
  7. Shawn_Mc

    CRF450R maintenance

    How many hours are on the engine/top end now? For what it's worth, if youre racing, 100 hours on the piston and 200 on the crank will keep it healthy.
  8. Shawn_Mc

    2004 CRF450R rebuild questions

    No, the lash has nothing to do with popping on decel, blowing flames and all sorts of stuff. Now, Im going to venture a guess here...Did you get the vacuum release plate back into the carb correctly? Do you see how part no 16 is oriented? If you get it in upside down (and it happens a lot) it'll pop and back fire and blow big ass flames out of the exhaust. Right now, I'd bet a case of Coronas that, that's the problem.
  9. Shawn_Mc

    2004 CRF450R rebuild questions

    Id get them into the OEM spec and watch them. For what it's worth, the HotCams shim sets only offer shims in 5's (175-180-185 etc) You can get mid sized shims from a dealer. Usually 2s and 8s.
  10. Shawn_Mc

    Crf450r shifting noise

    The gear selection issue is probably the clutch dragging because the basket is all notched up.
  11. Shawn_Mc

    2004 CRF450R rebuild questions

    Yes the clutch plates will stick together. Now, your lash is too tight. With brand new stainless valves, I probably would have been closer to .007 than .005, and the exhausts need to be at .011-.013. Your intakes will probably seat a bit in 5-8 hours and it'll get hard to start. It's not the end of the world, but it's fairly predictable. You need a new pilot jet. They clog easily. They're cleanable, but most folks dont have the patients. And at 6 bucks, it's easier to just replace the thing. Pump gas can clog a pilot jet in a week. It'd good practice to drain the bowl every time the bike is going to be stored more than a week.
  12. The stroke comes from the stroke. When you increase the stroke, you need to either reduce the compression height of the piston (the pin location within the piston, closer to the top) or you shorten the rod. Since its only 3mm, you only need to move the pin 1.5mm, or roughly .060", there's plenty of room to do that, so that's probably where they did it. When you increase the engine size, you dont necessarily need to add more jet. If the carb is close originally, and you've haven't added a bunch of volume to the intake port (porting will usually add some, but not a bunch) and if the port hasn't cost any velocity (which usually doesn't happen when you add cc) The carb will still be pretty close. The harder you pull air on a carb, the more fuel it'll mix in (to a point). One other thing that people aren't usually aware of. When you do a big bore, the head ends up flowing more simply because the cylinder shrouds the intake valve a bit, the big bore de-shrouds the intake valve, allowing it to flow better.
  13. Dont shy away from pricing from Crank works. I send them quite a bit of work and the stuff they send back is so nice that I almost feel bad installing it. Im doing a 1975 RM125M right now that must have had a long life on the bottom of a lake or stream or something. Anyway, I sent this rust POS crank to them with an OEM rod kit and the piece they sent back quite literally looked like it'd been chromed. It's dead true, side clearance were perfect. They do really bitchen work. Another crank I sent them was for a 1974 CR125 Elsinore. The rod was junk. Main issue, nobody makes a rod for that bike anymore. It used a 20mm pin. I found a rod with a 22mm pin, they bored the holes, after welding up the main pins to return them to stock, as they'd been destroyed by the seals grinding. It came back the same way. Better than new.
  14. Shawn_Mc

    2008 Honda HM450F (crf450 enduro)

    The upper one will make quite a bit more current. Try it.
  15. Shawn_Mc

    2002 crf450r lighting

    Instead of a battery, you could run a large 50v capacitor. Something like this : https://www.tedss.com/FAH22000-50-D3