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  1. Shawn_Mc

    2008 Crf450R No/Rare Spark

    It's the stator. You can check the resistance from lead to lead, but it'll probably check fine. Pull the stator out of the cover, and throw it in the oven at 220F for about 20 minutes. Then check it again. It'll probably show wide open. You can get a couple different aftermarket stators that will replace the OEM unit you have for WAY cheaper and they're better quality. Honda was never very good at the stator/coil game. Ricky Stator makes a good replacement.
  2. Shawn_Mc

    08 crf450r starting issue

    Well, that's kinda my point. That's what they sound like. It's coming from the air box.
  3. Shawn_Mc

    2008 Crf450R No/Rare Spark

    Pull the stator cover. The ignitor coil soldier pick ups are probably covered in a gooey gray paste. Wipe that off and it'll probably run. The gooey past is iron debris, usually from the left side bearing cage...so, youve got that to look forward to also.
  4. Shawn_Mc

    2002 jetting advice

    A 100 PAJ is where it should be. If you put a 90 in it, by the time you get the idle sorted with the pilot jet, it'll go right on it's face when you crack the throttle. What piston is in it? A 13.5:1 will act lean, want a 45 or a 48 and then when put it in, the fuel screw will be almost completely ineffective or responsive to adjustments. I'd pull the fuel screw and make sure the little tip is still there, and not broken off into the passage.
  5. Shawn_Mc

    Amsoil 4 Stroke Oil any good?

    Except they CRF450Rs have always had steel driven plates. Fibers are drive plates, steels are driven plates. The fibers tranfer the torque from the basket to the steels that are connected to the inner hub, which turns the transmission main shaft.
  6. Shawn_Mc

    Amsoil 4 Stroke Oil any good?

    Heat tolerance is what Mobile1 is known for.
  7. Shawn_Mc

    2009 CRF 450R won’t start, HELP!!

    get power into the bike to check the mil. This will also tell you if your pump is running 100%. Id also see how it starts when there is power to the bike. There have been quite a few problems tied to the over pressure bypass on the pump leaking internally. It ends up not making enough pressure.
  8. Shawn_Mc

    08 crf450r starting issue

    Vids are tough, but I didnt hear anything abnormal
  9. Shawn_Mc

    2017 450R exhaust

    You realize that they always pick the pipe that has the most ads in their mags, right? I really need to buy a tig machine. There's a solid 3-5 hp locked up in the puny muffler cores.
  10. Shawn_Mc

    08 crf450r starting issue

    Raise the oil level in the trans and see if squeak goes away. Could be a couple things. Could be the kicker idler gear being under oiled. Or it could be a crack in the exhaust header, also, but less likely, a crack a radiator bracket/mounting flange squeaking. And your old bike probably had the cam retarded a tooth in the cam timing. I can start my 03, with a 13.5:1 piston in it, in a pair of flip flops.
  11. Shawn_Mc

    Big Bore Kits VS Stock cc

    One of the secrets to making a big bore sing, is retarding the cam shaft a little bit. And that's all I'm going to say about that 😈
  12. Shawn_Mc

    Bike won’t run

    Also, it wouldn't be the first time a decompressor mechanism failed. If you do a compression check and the kicking compression is more than about 110 or so, the decompressor isn't working. 1. The cam slipping on the sprocket is rare, but it does happen, usually when the valves get floated and the piston bangs on the valves, which in turn bang on the cam.... 2. Could be a clogged pilot, but that wouldnt explain the excessive effort to kick. 3. The flywheels rarely, if ever slip. One thing Honda does well is a taper fit.
  13. Shawn_Mc

    16 CRF 450R Engine Seized ?

    I wont let a customer engine out of my shop with an OEM tensioner on it, unless it's brand new. And honestly, if someone insists on the auto unit, IMO, it's a 20 hour part.
  14. Shawn_Mc

    Amsoil 4 Stroke Oil any good?

    For what it's worth, engine oil changes color from heat, not physical dirt. If the engine had that much dirt in it, it'd kill itself in a matter of minutes. The trans oil can get polluted from clutch fiber debris, wear off the transmission and the transmission gears actually grinding the oil up by shearing it to death.
  15. Shawn_Mc

    16 CRF 450R Engine Seized ?

    If it's a compression feel, the cam timing could have gone bad. The autotensioners let go and reset themselves with alarming regularity. If the timing got retarded 2-3 teeth, ya, it'll definitely have "that much compression". Check the cam timing.