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  1. Sorry i didnt see your post until just now. I found a couple guys on codirtriders to ride with today. Look that up and find some great guys to ride with!
  2. colorado

    Was there today, mainly rode 770 from jackson creek. There was small amounts of ice, mostly dry, a little mud, but overall great conditions. A couple downed trees that were reported to the rampart range committee.
  3. Weather should be awesome, thinking of taking the day off to go ride rampart or something else close Friday. I'm not one to go riding by myself so if anyone is thinking about it let me know! My usual riding buddy has plans.
  4. A little night riding... https://youtu.be/SOn9JSwbYM0 Sent from my SM-G935V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  5. I can go tomorrow (Sunday), any chance that works for you? Sent from my SM-G935V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  6. Added another 8 hrs or so to the bike and its been holding up fine so far.
  7. Caliper bolts have washers as well as the pickup for the speedo. It seems like the washer it came with on the magnet holder was not nearly as thick as what the manual calls for. I found another washer that completely fills the remainder of void so now the holder does not move, has plenty of clearance at the caliper bolt and pickup, and still seems to trigger the pickup so it counts on the speedo ( i spun it by hand and it activated speedo). I think it's good to go now.
  8. Thanks guys!! I think I'll gorilla glue the magnet back into the holder and do like berto300 and add a washer on the circlip side. Glad I'm not the only one, although seems like a pretty easy thing for them to prevent from the factory. Glad my front wheel didn't seize up when the magnet got jammed in there. On a related topic, anyone else's front rotor seem slightly out of true? If I spin my front wheel it seems to get hung up on the rotor in one spot.
  9. So I noticed yesterday the magnet on front wheel is messed up. The actual magnet that mounts in the red holder must have gotten caught somewhere and was hanging on my rotor. It looks like the red aluminum holder has too much free play and came into contact with the caliper bolt(s). Here are some pictures of my setup currently. Anyone else have this issue?
  10. Got some Motul fluids for the new bike (Trans and 2 stroke oil) motosport.com is having a sale right now, couldn't find cheaper anywhere.
  11. Picked this up today... .1 hours and that was after the guy took it for a spin after jetting it.
  12. Nice, I'm in littleton. I'd be down for that!
  13. Nice bike! I'm picking up from the same place on Friday!! What part of CO are you in?
  14. Thanks! I bought a 116 and ended up shortening it to 114 (thanks harbor freight) and I now have a fitting chain.
  15. I went up 2 teeth on my rear sprocket and bought a new chain. New chain is a 112 and with my wheel all the way forward the chain is too short to go together by probably 1 link. Should I have gotten a chain 2 links longer because I increased rear sprocket by 2 teeth? Is it that simple? Thanks!