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  1. oldbuck

    Nothing but lowlights

    that was just one season (09) - but when your filming every weekend and your running multiple cameras, you tend to capture a lot ;-) -d
  2. A little entertainment here - enduro & hare scramble riders doing things you or I would *never* do ;-) From hits, and crashes, to hopelessly stuck, to the submerged, it's a 'lowlights' collection of clips from the races we shot last year. A Scar Is Born video enjoy, -d
  3. oldbuck

    National Enduro rules

    All National Enduros are closed course events so 'street legal' isn't an issue in this series. But like OLHILLBILLY points out a spark arrester is required - most clubs use the 'push a stick in it' method to test for the presence of one. We were at all the Nationals last year and I can't recall any clubs that *didn't* do the test. -d
  4. oldbuck


    CBS is seriously lame. Where's the live coverage? Too bad the promoter sold the fans out.
  5. oldbuck

    Video uploads/editing?

    +1 on vegas - and you can start with studio for well under $100. All the same core functionality & codecs, they just limit the # of tracks. If later you want more, you can upgrade and still access all your old projects. But start out with MSMM (or iMovie on mac) and decide what you like and don't like before spending any $.
  6. oldbuck

    post vids of ur funniest crashes

    we're up in manassas but we travel about 40k miles ea year filming most of the ECEA enduros & hare scrambles, the National Enduros, and we get out to a VCHSS hare scramble, trials, d7 hare scramble or dual sport when the schedule permits.
  7. oldbuck

    post vids of ur funniest crashes

    too funny - that happened to me watching an episode of Pinks recently - "damn thats the same backing track we bought for... oh well"
  8. oldbuck

    post vids of ur funniest crashes

    Here's a few from races we shot this year - it's like a bottomless pit of clips - put together a 40 minute video of this stuff for our association banquet - may just have to roll it on to a dvd... A Scar Is Born
  9. oldbuck

    Funniest Enduro Crash Video

    I heard the guy was like #1 overall B Class in D7 and #2 in ECEA - hard to believe
  10. oldbuck

    Funniest Enduro Crash Video

    No worries, but thanks for the heads up! We're enduro nuts over at adrenalinevision - if we're not filming enduros we're racing them, and sometimes we do both ;-) EnduroJunkies is a cool experiment - a news/social/video mashup for enduro fans. We were happy to contribute. -d
  11. oldbuck


    Excellent Killdozer - thats exactly why I put it out there - Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your support! -d
  12. oldbuck


    Not a monthly fee, not 3-5 min clips of a race, and there remains over an hour of free video on the site with more added each week. The ONE TIME fee enables access, as in the case of the Nationals, to over 15 HOURS of edited video shot at the 10 National Enduro races this year. There's now over 50 hours of HD video on the site - something like 1000, 3 min clips from over 30 races! I'll keep it going as long as I can - no one's ever tried anything like this and I understand why - it's incredibly frickin expensive - in both time & $ - but I really wanted to get some video out there of the support classes. FYI - If you didn't race the event, DON'T PAY FOR IT! You probably won't have a lot of interest in all the footage - just sit back and enjoy highlights. The service is intended for the guys that raced. -d
  13. oldbuck

    Enduro Videos

    Hey guys, the adrenalinevision highlights videos are still online - at last check I think there are over a dozen videos from races this year - check under the 'Free Pass' menu. I'm still migrating more video over there as time permits. They do have new URLS though since we migrated to the new sever. Earlier this year we started putting out a lot of video from each race - like 3 hours per hare scramble and up to 2 hours per enduro - thats a TON of video! It requires a serious amount of editing, processing, compressing, web design, server capacity and bandwidth to deliver all that - dedicated servers and over 2 terabytes of bandwidth xfer/mo! The idea is that the highlights videos that we're all used to seeing, rarely give the non-pro a chance to see themselves in a race they were in. Not only did *I* never make the cut, but no one from my club ever made it either - *that* sucked. There is *no one* offering this depth of video to the amateur rider out there. The pay-per-race video service is tailored to those participants of the event - It's a huge amount of work and we ask that as a racer, when you sit back and enjoy 2 or 3 HOURS of video from a race, that you help offset some costs of delivering that service - a few bucks is all we ask - thats not 'lots of money' and in fact when summed up, has *never* even hit 10% of our cost to bring those videos to you. I still write a check every month for nearly 10 times what we take in. So if you're looking for 3 minutes of highlights, they're there. And if you road a National Enduro or an ECEA race this season and want to kick back with some of the 50+ hours of video we've put online, you can now do that too. -d
  14. oldbuck

    Lafferty Goes Blue & Yellow

    The announcement was made after the season ended.
  15. oldbuck


    that _was_ the plan - just another part of seriously reducing our costs here - but they've moved the ability to create and manage a descent page to their select partners only, so I'm rethinking the move.