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    Racing motorcycles, engine design, homebuilt motorcycles, engine building, traveling, flying, backcountry snowmobiling, water sports, downhill mountain biking, reading, and films

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Currently I am freely pursuing my dreams of developing two-stroke engines. Alongside my passion for two strokes, I love helping others learn more about their machines to ultimately enable them to work on their own bikes. After resigning from my position as a powertrain engineer at Erik Buell Racing, I felt there was a serious need to bring deeper awareness and education to the everyday motor head. By day, I'm finding ways to put the power back into the rider's hands. By night, I am focusing on two-stroke engine development, racing, and building my own race bikes.  When the time comes to switch off my moto mind and relax, I love spending time with my girlfriend, reading, watching films, and being in the great outdoors.

I had the pleasure of attending the University of Wales - Trinity St. David overseas in the United Kingdom. During my time there I studied motorcycle and powertrain engineering and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in motorcycle engineering.  My educational and life experiences in the UK were amazing. The professors had a vast amount of industry experience, the class sizes were small, and I was able to learn at a fast pace.  In addition to these things the program cut out a lot of the general studies that made my attention span dwindle and got right down to the intricate details of engineering.

The next project I'm currently planning and am looking forward to sharing with everyone is the design of a 250cc single cylinder two-stroke engine. It is my belief that the two-stroke engine could be a clean and efficient powerplant for motorized vehicles. While I plan to take steps to produce a clean efficient engine I will be sharing my triumphs and failures with you.  In addition to the practical design of the engine, I will also attempt to make many of the parts at home in my workshop. By casting my own cylinders and crankcases, and preparing documentation on all of the methods I learn, my goal is that you too can attempt to make intricate parts in your own home too. 

This project is certainly ambitious and will no doubt be challenging, however I think it is a worthy endeavor and will benefit all involved.