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  1. SellYour4Stroke

    Tranny oil Poll on FB.

    Rather than debate, i just took a simple poll in a couple fb groups. I found it pretty interesting that both groups used basically the same oils the most and that Rotella was so prominent. A general 2 stroke group and a YZ250 group. Figured id just share for general interest.
  2. I've ridden my share of 450s up to 2008, but can't recall riding anything newer. I have been told that they are an older generation and the newer generation are much different, but my source didn't give any specifics. Is there a general consensus of a year or generation of 450 that has a significantly different power delivery and weight? Or..is it just gradual throughout the years? How would you guys compare a 2008 model YZF, CRF, RMZ, KXF to something in the 2012 to 2014 range?
  3. SellYour4Stroke

    Reducing 2 stroke engine noise.

    So to bring this thread back from the dead, I tested the overfilling theory and overfilled my transmission upon refill. I used 2 liters instead of 750ml. There was no significant reduction in noise.
  4. SellYour4Stroke

    AOSS, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Gen SSS YZ250

    Race Tech lists the same replacement spring for both years and the manual tuning sections show the same spring optional part numbers, so they are the same. Would be good to have that info as well. I may add it. And shrink those pictures.
  5. SellYour4Stroke

    AOSS, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Gen SSS YZ250

    Some observations Ive come across. May help some cross referencing and ID. 06-16 manuals show the same optional part numbers for springs. There appears to be 3 generations of SSS and a twist in 2015. 05 --- Commonly called "AOSS" and not considered "SSS" by most. Commonly identified by the silver outer top cap and longer outer fork tube step. 06-07 --- The beloved 1st Gen SSS. Identified by its gold outer cap on top and shorter outer fork tube step than the 05. 08-14 ---- What i would consider 2nd Gen SSS. A somewhat significant redesign of the fork leg and guards. Difficult to find a picture to demonstrate, but the guard mounting, caliper mounting, lower leg, spring rate and most all internal part numbers are different than 06-07. 15+ --- 3rd gen SSS Identified by their triple hump outer leg shape. Plot twist: 2015 pictures have some interesting outer legs with that appear to be different than 2016+, however they are listed as the same part number. Perhaps they are early models or pre production, but theyre out there.
  6. Hello there again forumgoers, What is the reason for the half moons on a 450 valve cover gasket? Cam removal is vertical. The gear is pressed on. The timing marks dont require it. Theres not a previous model that Im aware of. Why dont they just use a flat, normal gasket without half moons?
  7. SellYour4Stroke

    Size of nut on clutch hub?

    Id also like to bring this back from the dead to concur. You need a 29mm and it fits a huge range of bikes and years if you cross reference it. I use partzilla.
  8. SellYour4Stroke

    Broken piston ring

    Theres no sign of detonation, if anything it looks rich by the amount of piston wash, if youre a piston wash guy. Ive done a bit of calling around on it to platers and it happens, but they dont have a shelf full of broken ring yz250 cylinders or anything. Edit: I read through and saw a couple answers to the previous questions. Could have been a misshapen or sharp edged port. Possible that the plating had a chipping issue and was the actual culprit instead of the ring wiping out the plating. Cant rule out it being installed in a manner that may have stretched or compressed it as well. Reading up, you'll find another theory may be overrevving. Rings take quite a beating at high rpm. I've seen a few of these that will be chalked up to defect, get reassembled and run forever and the root cause is never solved.
  9. SellYour4Stroke

    Does Seafoam destroy wet clutches?

    Im not much for additives, myself, but are there any other additives...fuel or oil...that you believe have some benefits? How about sta bil? Octane boosters?
  10. SellYour4Stroke

    Two Stroke Downhills

    It would also seem to me that the lower pressure air would contain less oxygen much like at altitude. Less pressure, less oxygen per charge. Im on board with it being safe, just trying to cover all the theories. The next thing that comes to mind that someone might use to challenge the theory is the path of least resistance. A higher vacuum seems that it would actually pull more from the lower resistance air paths of pilot air jet and under the carb slide, than from the pilot fuel jet. While I would think that would mean the whole circuit would constantly have problems...it seems like something someone might use as valid argument for debate. Im sure Ill be corrected if my theory is out of line on this one, but I couldnt see the throttle chop actually causing a lack of lubrication seizure. I view it being a bike on the ragged heat edge of jetting, then a throttle chop causing a heat seizure due to loss of cooling effect from the fuel charge. Maybe a little of both? I would say that a bike jetted on the safer side wouldnt have the issue because it would run slightly cooler...as well as have more oil. Kart and desert guys throttle chop like its goin out of style and probably have some theories on that as well.
  11. SellYour4Stroke

    Two Stroke Downhills

    Great insight on the oil migration and air flow. That explains the lube factor. Do you have any explanation for what happens with the fuel mixture? I personally cant wrap my head around the physics of what happens to the mixture on decel with the raise of rpm and vacuum.
  12. We've all heard that we're not supposed to chop the throttle and coast under engine braking downhill for extended periods of time for fear of the seizure monster. Is there any science to this? Devils advocate: Lots of people go down lots of hills and nobody seems to have any issues seizing their motors doing it. At least not in any of my circles or experiences. Could it be because of the high vacuum is able to pull plenty of fuel from the pilot circuit for even the longest of downhills?
  13. SellYour4Stroke

    "European jetting", whats the difference?

    The richer jetting
  14. SellYour4Stroke

    "European jetting", whats the difference?

    Ive also always kind of had this question in the back of my mind. Heres another thread with some theories. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1151015-why-are-we-different-than-europe-for-jetting Since its narrowed down to some specific countries now... AUS, NZ, ZA...im guessing theres something different about those particular countries other than temp/humidity/riding conditions. I called yamaha customer service...they pretty much told me to call rock river powersports...their theory is the fuel quality as well. Referring to a 2010/older and 2011+ "euro spec" bike manual may yield some other hints. Im banking on fuel as well.
  15. SellYour4Stroke

    Son's YZ85 has Milky Oil ! What's it mean!?

    Some of those smaller bikes only have the one seal, so when it leaks, it leaks into the oil. Looks like the 85 has the dual seal setup though and should leak out the weep hole before going into the oil...so that kinda leads to the hole being plugged or a leak via the clutch cover gasket. Or you powerwashed some water into it. What year?