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  1. JustDave

    86 XL600R overheating, running lean

    Temp guage dip stick, man, why didn't I think of that>? Thanks! :cry:
  2. JustDave

    86 XL600R overheating, running lean

    Yeah I am planning on using WD/something to check for vaccum leaks, I don't know about jetting stuff , and the carbs were just cleaned (by a shop). Tank screen? Like in the fuel tank? Cool man, thx for the reply. I will go tinker.
  3. I am yet another XL600 stator replacing annoyed rider. The bike is great, a little heavy and tall, but hey the price is right. So the stator went out, the bike runs hot, plugs are white. Does anyone know from experience what is going on? Of course many issues are possible. I have cleaned carbs, replaced stator (rickystator.com), airbox, valves adjusted, and air screw out 3 turns. I am trying to prevent my bike from overheating again, and melting another stator. Feels to me like air is getting in somewhere, but I cannot find it... thx guyz ~Dave