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  1. Steve_380_yzf

    Anyone try ohlins RXF forks or TTX44 shock on 2013 crf450?

    cheers tobias how soft were they stock? can you not adjust them with the clickers?
  2. Steve_380_yzf

    Anyone try ohlins RXF forks or TTX44 shock on 2013 crf450?

    Cheers Rolandk I checked out that write up sounds exactly what im feeling about the bike, think ill take the plunge and get the ohlins. Will let everyone know it goes!
  3. Hey guys just wondering if anyones ran this suspension on the 2013 crf450? Or even just the cartridge kits to convert forks back to spring? Im not really feeling the air forks wanted to get some feedback cheers steve
  4. Steve_380_yzf

    2013 CRF 450 oil amount?

    I find the manual specs a little out. I run 600ml in motor side and 700mL In the clutch... Run bike 3 mins and cool down for 3 mins then check with bike on level ground the whole time
  5. Steve_380_yzf

    2013 450 picture thread!

    Cheers mate! We brought some Alias gear and they marked the sticker kits, they were really good about it and have sent us some replacement gear the marks cleaned off.... And the triple clamps are stock offset Applied clamps
  6. Steve_380_yzf

    2013 450 picture thread!

    2013 CRF450's
  7. Steve_380_yzf

    2013 fork air pumps

    We've got two DRC fork pumps thrown in with our bikes from the dealer, found out one reads two psi more then the other... Looking for something different the fox shocks pump looks alright.
  8. Steve_380_yzf

    2013 fork air pumps

    29 is too low, minimum setting you should be running is 31!
  9. Steve_380_yzf

    2013 Linkage

    A shop that has a race team here in Australia called axis motosports, I e-mailed pro circuit america and they told me they are the procircuit dealer in Aus. How was yours with the 5.7 shock spring and how much do you weight?
  10. Steve_380_yzf

    2013 Linkage

    Where ive just sent my suspension are going to put a lighter shock spring in it seeing im only 165lb, the shock is already pretty soft can they go lighter on the spring to match my weight and valve it harder?
  11. Steve_380_yzf

    2013 Linkage

    Cheers for the reply's guys... Im not really happy with the set up so far have just sent it off to get revalved and Procircuit 2 piece rebound piston and new LSV and Procircuit shock piston installed? The shock is really soft which feels like throws off the whole balance of the bike
  12. Steve_380_yzf

    2013 Linkage

    Hey guys trying to get the suspension dialled on the 2013 a suspension company here in Aus has suggested a pro circuit longer linkage has anyone tried this? cheers
  13. Steve_380_yzf

    2013 crf 450 trple clamps

    I think the offsets are different, not sure how it would handle?
  14. Steve_380_yzf

    Good deals for wheels for 2013 CRF450 ?

    faster USA hooked us up from Australia highly recommended
  15. Steve_380_yzf

    2013 aftermarket exhausts.

    yea shawn looking like a fair knob right there..